Bullet Journal: May 2020

And just like that, we’re in the month of May!

Hey all and hoping we are still staying sane and keeping busy in this current time and what better way to take your mind off everything, but to think about what a great May bullet journal spread I have for you all today.

Board games have become almost a nightly routine for my family, more particularly playing the Settlers of Catan. It’s all about strategy, negotiating and a let’s be honest a bit of luck as well, so of course, this month’s spread is dedicated to CATAN!

I really had some troubles with the colour scheme of this month, the colours on the actual board game are not the most aesthetic and all in all quite a different look this month.



I played around with some coloured paper for the background of the page, I wanted the blue to act as the water that surrounded the hexagons on the board. I also stamped on some numbers which represent the resources you collect when you roll the die. ( I also realise that if you’ve never played this game, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but I don’t apologise because it’s just such a good game that I highly recommend it ) The quote for the month being EAT SLEEP GAME and REPEAT has just been so fitting that I just had to.


The monthly calendar spread is just my favourite for this month. I drew the hexagons for each day and went back to a two page spread for the month. All the colours represent the different resources on the board game and the style I used to write May is similar to the font of the word Catan on the box.


“I’m going to build 2 roads and a settlement!”

My Weight tracker this month has 5 different coloured cards which represent the resources you collect into your hand. I also tried to make my Habit tracker similair to the roads you build on the game with drawings of the settlements and the cities you can also build.


I’ve kept the same design for my Monthly horoscope page and decided to change the way I Chart my cycle. I cut off the bottom part of the page and just left the chart there, even though I know there’s another page, I wanted the Charting page to flow into the other one. I trialed charting last month and realised for this month I definitely needed more space to write.


I got bills!

I wanted to trial an Expense Tracker this month, for whatever reason browsing the web has become my new job, particularly online shopping. I kept this as simple as I could with a few colours from the Catan board game and here’s hoping I can keep track of my money.


Last but not least, must end the month of May with a journal entry as per usual.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s spread and as always keep safe!



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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