Bullet Journal: September 2020

Spring has sprung!

I for one am not mentally prepared to comprehend that it is officially September, the start of Spring here ion Australia and my birthday month! A big BIG Happy BIRTHDAY to all the September babies out there, I have quite a few friends who celebrate their birthday this month, so I know I will be busy!

To celebrate all the birthday’s this month, I figured a party themed bullet journal was appropriate, so let’s get into it.


I definitely needed this particular quote this month..

The purpose of our lives is to be HAPPY – The Dalai Lama

Looking back to where I was travelling in September last year, has really made me miss that luxury of travel. The uncertainty of when we will be able to travel again has really taken a big hit in life’s motivation for myself and I think this quote highlights even though we have those moments, we’re meant to be happy and about focusing on the good.

September Bullet Journal

September – ” The purpose of our lives is to be HAPPY” – The Dalai Lama

I decided to change up the monthly calendar spread this month, I know it’s going to be busy and productive, so I’ve left a full page for my goals, my to do list and notes.

This vertical calendar will be an interesting one for me to work through, here’s hoping I don’t get my days mixed up.

September - Monthly Calendar Spread

September – Monthly Calendar Spread

Now of course, what is a celebration without cake? I have been obsessed with baking things in my minibake oven this quarantine and I’m still kicking myself that I haven’t shared any recipes on here.

I’ve combined my weight and habits tracker again, with the weight tracker being filled in every week on a layer of cake and the habits surrounding the cake in little present shapes. Quite proud of this little spread.

September - Weight and Habits Tracker

September – Weight and Habits Tracker

I’ve decided to go back to the split expenses tracker this month. The small flip column for any business expenses and one full page for personal expenses.

You’ll probably also notice that the horoscope page is also where a mood/chart tracker should be. I’ve decided to skip that tracker this month as I kept leaving days where I didn’t track anything and I just want to see if I’ll end up missing it as a part of my routine.

September - Monthly Horoscope + Business expenses

September – Monthly Horoscope + Business expenses


September – Personal Expenses

To finish off this month, I wanted to bring back Kodak Moments mixed in with Dear September in a two page spread. I cut up some coloured paper and pink tissue paper to create very large confetti sized shapes to make it feel more like a party.

September recap

September recap

I’m hoping everybody has a Happy September, it has been a very odd week leading up to the beginning of this month, emotions have been high and if you’re feeling down, trust me you’re not alone, we can only look for positives during this time and know that whatever you’re feeling will pass.

Stay safe everyone!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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