About me

About me pages are all about who you are, so I’m going to do my best to give a little bit of me to all of you..
First of all thanks for checking out my page, I’m sure you’ve clicked on ABOUT ME because you think I’m interesting or a little bit weird, super bubbly or something like that, so thanks for that, it makes me smile. 
Lalalinee comes from a mixture of my name and my personalitySo Line for my name Caroline, lala because if you ever met me I’m a little bit airy fairy, I really do sometimes live in my own world and the extra letter e at the end because I thought I’d be a little bit fancy.

I love London, never been but it is a dream of mine to go there one day, just thought I’d throw that out there. I love smiling, making jokes, being funny, that’s just me. 

high tea

Love high tea

I consider myself a really genuine person, I get along with people almost instantaneously, it’s like this connection but I also do have a strong judge in character. My friends always describe me as really friendly, talkative, girly and poise with that little bit of care free edge mixed in there. I love getting dressed up, going out, celebrating and having fun but at the same time I love a good chill session.  

my new fav pair of pants

my new fav pair of pants

I am, I think your typical girl who loves makeup, beauty, cosmetics, shopping, getting her nails done, a pamper princess but at the same time I know how to work and when things are serious, I know I’m not in my own world.

Fun fact: I also cannot take a selfie or a picture of myself, I find it weird and awkward and I just can’t do it, so that might explain the lack of pictures of myself on this blog.  

Some of the things I love: my hats, polaroids, sunnies, vintage watches, jewellery

Some of the things I love: my hats, polaroids, sunnies, vintage watches, jewellery

I started this blog because I do talk a lot and I always have something to say, so what better way to express myself then to blog it out. I also believe in sharing, whether it be knowledge or just helping somebody out, we really can learn from others and one another.


  • I started with makeup artistry, which I absolutely love, the creativity involved is amazing! I then progressed into beauty therapy which I also have a huge passion for and think that every girl and guy deserves to be pampered. I love the whole beauty industry and think it is so fascinating and amazing with all the new treatments available now.

I blog about whatever comes to mind, what goes on in my life, makeup and beauty products, things that I’ve tried, things that I’ve done, overall it can be quite unexpected but always remember my blog is fun, I always start off with random lines, that seriously just pop into my head.

So comment, subscribe, find me on instagram and twitter, I love to love, so share my love around!

Happy reading, I may go M.I.A sometimes but I’m getting better at not disappearing from my blogs. =)

All my love,
Caroline. xx  

8 thoughts on “About me

    • aww thanks gorgeous! You know what? Perfect timing, not even kidding, I wanted to work on a special blog post because it’ll be 200 posts on this blog soon and now I have something fun that I can do! That’s so great and also had a read of your blog, new blogger, welcome!! I really hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do! I look forward to reading your posts! xx.


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