Feel good drinks & my secret to overall wellness

Whilst a glass of red wine is a top contender, these drinks are even better!

Hey all and hoping everyone is staying safe and staying at home where possible and can we all  just take a moment to appreciate my little rhyme up there.

If you’ve read any of my product review posts, you know that I am an avid skincare lover and there is nothing I love more than clear, bright, glowing skin. Whilst I like to thank my skincare for that, there are a few drinks I take on the daily that not only make my skin look great, but also help with my well being.

I have had a string of health issues lately (mostly relating to my gut)  and I have never been so tired from having to deal with the next new problem. Today I wanted to share my Top 3 go to drinks that have really helped with my immune system and overall wellbeing.

The first is Kora Organics Noni Glow SkinFood. I am simply in love with the taste of this, it has the superfood and antioxidant Noni fruit which contains Vitamin C, acai, blueberry and matcha green tea which immediately all make me feel better when I’m lacking energy. This is my go to travel drink as they come in 30 x 6g single sachets and the perfect pick me up when I’m out and about.


Kora Organics 30 x 6g Single Sachets (180g) $69.95AUD

Next up is The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Essential Powder. This is definitely my current go to at the moment. As a probiotic skin supplement, my skin truly glows from within, it contains skin protective antioxidants and vitamin C for normal immune function, plus zinc for healthy hair, skin and nails. I love this as a morning drink mixed in with some cold water, very refreshing and tastes like sweet berries. A must try if you are looking for a drink to help with your gut.


The Beauty Chef $65 AUD for 150g

Lastly is The Edible Beauty Vegan Plant Based Collagen Powder. In terms of taste, it is a lot more sour than the other two mentioned so I do like to mix it in with my kombucha drink or some soda water with a dash of lime. It contains Vitamin C which you can now tell is a common similarity in the three drinks, it has Vitamin A to support skin structure and function and of course a tonne of superfruits which we already know is good for us. For me, this drink mixed with water really helps when I am feeling bloated.

Edible Beauty $37 AUD for 85g

All three have been major game changers in my overall health, I get sick less, have more energy and have just helped my gut health and immune system immensely.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and if you have a favourite or maybe you can even recommend another drink for me to try.

See you all for my May Bullet Journal Spread. Stay Safe!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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