Bullet Journal: Feb 2020

Happy February all!

I am so excited for the next 29 days of this month and yes it’s a leap year, so for all who who born on the 29th of February, I would like to wish you an early happy birthday and be sure to celebrate considering this only happens once every 4 years.

A little context in regards to the theme for this month, it’s all about cruising and sailing through life. I mean, what is more appropriate seeing as I am almost set to go on a cruise myself, which I am very excited for and I cannot wait to share all the pictures with you all when I get back.

Sailing through Life

Sailing through Life – February 2020

Up top you can see I  decided to use washi tape for the first time ever and I really liked how using a little strip here and there fills quite a lot of the blank space. Also, can we please appreciate my little sail boat on the left right there.

Feb 2020 Monthly calendar spread

Feb 2020 Monthly calendar spread

For the monthly calendar spread this time around, I opted for drawing individual boxes with a box above for a few goals I wanted to achieve for the month.

Habit & Weight Tracker

Habit & Weight Tracker

I promised myself this year to change up the style of my bullet journal, so I’m trying this new Habit Tracker, although a common style, it’s a tracker style that I have not yet tried and wanted to see if it would work out for me. I also kept a similar layout for my weight tracker and just moved the boxes around. I also, added a FEB Travel column which I will probably later fill with the places I want to visit.

Horoscope & Weather Tracker

“Happiness Comes in Waves. It’ll find you again”

I’ve kept my horoscope page the same, however I’ve added in a mini calendar. From that I was thinking of highlighting the more positive dates within the month according to the stars. On the right, I’ve added in a weather tracker. We have been so deprived of the rain lately, that I thought I’d keep track of the rainy days and also the days I need to water my mum’s garden before she comes back from her holiday.

Movies & Kodak Moments

Movies & Kodak Moments

You probably noticed I cut the Movies page in half. I wanted to create something similar to the dutch door effect and in all honesty it creates a different feel when flipping through. Kodak moments is back, but reduced to one page this month, in all honesty I’m just running out of photo paper.

Dear Feb

Dear Feb

Ending the month with Dear Feb, and oh there’s the washi tape, I totally used it more than once. I just played around with font for the word february and I really like to keep it simple as these 2 pages are reserved for reflection.

I hope you all enjoyed this month’s spread. Be sure to check out January’s Spread if you haven’t already. Find that here.

See you for the next one!


Skincare Goals

It feels so odd to say it, but I have the biggest skincare goal for this year!

Unlike the ordinary fitness and career goals that I normally obsess about (which I still do I have loads) I really wanted to get my skin looking the healthiest it’s ever been.

Today I’m going to share my 2 favourite products (that actually work) with all of you and it is seriously the reason how I get my skin to G L O W!

With it being Summer here in Australia, it can get pretty hot to the point that I left and went to London when Summer first began.  With this season, it really is all about healthy and glowing looking skin and for me especially, it means to go makeup free. The sweat I experience during this heat truly is my worst asset and I’ve never wanted to be more matte in my life.

I have been loving these few products lately to the point where all my friends and work colleagues want my skincare routine!

The first off is Pixi Vitamin- C Tonic. I am truly obsessed with this and really wish that I discovered this sooner. We all love that Vitamin C is our go to pal to help brighten and give us that inner glow we want, but did you know the added benefit of Ferulic Acid, a powerful natural antioxidant (usually found in plants and fruits) helps assist the reduction of dark spots!

So you can absolutely see that post acne scarring Caroline is very happy to use it. I love using this twice daily after cleansing. I splash a few drops onto my palms and press it onto my skin because I am not about wasting product when it comes to this.

Pixi Vitamin C Tonic

Pixi Vitamin C Tonic 250mL $55AUD @Sephora & David Jones

A new discovery brand for me is The Inkey List and more particularly the Polyglutamic Acid. Not only very affordable, I only ever need a pea sized amount to apply this. Dehydration lines are never friendly and just because I have an oily skin does not mean my poor face doesn’t get dehydrated. Little fun fact about this guy is that it actually holds four times more moisture than hyaluronic acid. I use this after my serum and before moisturiser, the whole idea is that once applied, it leaves a slight film on the skin which essentially locks in the moisture and gives continuous hydration throughout the day.

The Inkey List Polyglutamic Acid

The Inkey List: Polyglutamic Acid 30mL $22 @Sephora

Let me know if you have any go to glowing skin products or even if you’ve tried any of these mentioned above and for now I’m off to bathe my face in these products!


Bullet Journal: Jan 2020

I started bullet journalling last July and I wasn’t too sure if it was going to be something I enjoyed. When I first started, it felt really time consuming and I was a bit bummed that I couldn’t find the time to make it work. Last year for myself  was also jam packed full of adventures and chaos at the same time and whilst I really wanted to document everything, I also wanted to half forget about everything by just going to sleep.

I’ve somehow managed to keep it going because I really enjoyed the creative aspect of it and creating a journal that was relevant to me! Plus, I found it was such a great downtime activity that I did before bed which helped with reflection and setting myself up for the next day.

This year I decided to purchase a brand new journal, it’s super bright yellow and I’m just very excited to use it!

Leuchtturm1917 journal (dotted pages) I absolutely love the saying on this


With it being a new year, the only theme that came to mind was fireworks!


I have to say Monthly Calendar Spreads have become one of my favourite parts of bullet journalling. It’s always so great to see the month laid out all in front of you.

Monthly Calendar Spread

I like to keep my Habit tracker super simple focusing on only 4 habits. I’ve also seen quite a few Mood Trackers throughout Bullet Journalling, however I haven’t added it into my spread. Instead I’ve decided to add a Weight tracker, as one of my goals this year is to lose a few more kgs.

Habit and Weight Tracker Spread

I love reading a good horoscope so I like to leave a page to write down what the month holds for me, all the full moons, new moons, retrogrades, it all goes in there. I’m also a huge movie buff, so I add a page for all the movies I’ve watched in the month.

Horoscope and Movies Spread

The next 2 pages are for my favourite pictures from the month. I invested in a photo printer a while back and it has been the best investment!

If you count carefully, the banner spells Happy new Year!

To end the month, I always like to do a written reflection, talking about the ups and downs, what I’ve achieved and what my favourite moments are.


Cheers to the end of Jan.. already

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve enjoyed drawing them and will see you guys for the February’s spread.


Where to begin..

Call it the New Year’s blues or whatever, but I am having a serious case of I can’t believe that 2019 is over!

So it begins, 2020, what new resolutions do I have, what goals will I really stick to this year and of course… will this really be a good year?

As we enter a new decade ( and of course I had to note that, because the whole world has noted that we have ended a decade) I am going to challenge myself to make a few goals this year and really be open about what I want to achieve but most importantly I think, regardless of what happens, I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself this year. I feel as though my expectations may have been a bit too high the past few years, so I will be bringing them way down, to the ground, probably underground, but hey, we will see.

Looking forward to making this little spot my own again.. it’s been a while!

Happy New Year!