The 4 days I look forward to every year – Mind Body Spirit Festival 2020

Truly a great last festival for me, especially in these trying times.

I absolutely love heading over to the Mind Body Spirit Festival and it’s not because I love to spend some serious dollars there, but a big part of it is the great sense of community it brings along with all the knowledge for my literal mind, body and soul to feed on.

With all that’s going on currently, the festival this year was a lot quieter than last, given it was only 6 months ago from the previous one, I still enjoyed all the seminars and workshops that were there, but also the goodies that I purchased from some of the vendors.

I discovered a new brand of essential oils which I have truly come to love and enjoy called doTERRA. I fell in love with the history and how ethically sourced their ingredients are and on top of that the fact that they are TGA approved and perfectly edible.


Of course any Mind Body Spirit Festival comes with the need to buy crystals and I am happy to add a beautiful Smoky Quartz Crystal to the collection which helps rid fear and negativity and may I add the perfect crystal to bring about calm. The next crystal I purchased was Amethyst. For me, the most important need for Amethyst was to help with sparking new ideas and achieving something new and also a little to help with the stress as we all know from my shingles episode.

I’m also going to give sage smudging a go. With all the negativity happening, I thought this would be a great way to release more positive energy and get rid of any unwanted energy.


I’ve also been totally obsessed with these sterling silver rings from Karma Collective. The one on the left has a Moonstone crystal which is all about new beginnings. Whilst I have been wearing these on a daily basis, I’ve had to set these aside for now. With all the extra santising and washing of my hands, I really wanted to make sure no bacteria gets stuck underneath them. #flattenthecurve



I’m always here for upping my immunity and anything that will help with that, I am so there for. I am loving this Copper bottle by the brand KopperKraft Australia. I won’t lie though, the squeaky lid does turn a lot of heads my way, but little do they know, it’s helping me on the inside. A few benefits of copper water is that it’s antibacterial, anti- inflammatory and a great antioxidant. Can we also appreciate this stunning colour down below.


I’m really hoping and wishing that we can all return to our normal lives soon and that everyday gets better, it really is so hard to focus on the positive with all the negative news you hear and see. I really encourage you all to embrace your creative side in times of self isolation. I for one am so excited for the future and am so positive that we will recover from this.

Stay safe everyone. x

Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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