Revlon UltraHD matte lip colour

We all know I am the biggest sucker for lipsticks, so when something new and shiny is in my face I’m going to get it!

Not many people love matte lipsticks, most of the time they’re drying, they start to peel and crack and unfortunately anything long lasting is usually quite drying. Regardless I always like to give them a go, especially when the packaging looks like this and the lipstick is so fragrant it’s like licking a lolly, so if you’re not a huge fan of fragrant lipsticks, it might not be for you.

Whenever I see what new lipsticks are out, I always look at how many different shades there are and in this collection there are 8 shades and of course being the dark lip colour lover I am I grabbed 610HD addcition, a burgundy colour and 600HD Devotion, a mauve colour.

Revlon HD matte lipsticks LEFT: 610 HD addiction RIGHT: 600 HD DEvotion

Revlon HD matte lipsticks LEFT: 610 HD addiction RIGHT: 600 HD Devotion

The pigment in this lipstick is great, it glides on super easily and building up the colour doesn’t seem to be a problem. It also holds up pretty well without any lip liner underneath or even around the lips, so bleeding of the lipstick doesn’t happen. The best part it’s actually quite long lasting and not drying at all. I normally find my lips are sucked dry like a prune by the end of the day, but I love how the gel formula moisturises my lips as well.

Although matte, it doesn’t look as matte as other lipsticks on the lips, I find it quite velvety and yes transfer occurs. It currently retails for $23.95 AUD each but definitely worth it. Colour in packaging is also quite true to what you see once applied.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these new lipsticks and which ones you have. Not going to lie, was tempted to buy all of them.

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A few REVLON goodies

There’s nothing better than walking into a store and finding out that there’s a SALE going on. Last week I popped into Myer and just casually walked around the beauty section a million times because it’s my favourite place in the world of department stores and to my surprise Revlon was having a sale.

Being a nail polish lover/psycho it’s really hard to stop myself from purchasing new polishes, especially if they throw a sale in my face and I don’t have those specific colours…. sigh, I just need them in my life!

I picked up Revlon’s Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel in the Cabana Collection which consisted of Surf Spray, a nice blue and Beachy, a gold polish. I’ve always been kind of whatever when it comes to blue nail polish but somedays I really feel like blue, that and it was only $9 for the two, so in my mind, it was already sold. They were also selling the individual scented polishes for $7.97, pretty much half off what it originally is. Can you say BARGAIN??

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel: Cabana Collection. LEFT: SurfSpray RIGHT: Beachy

Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel: Cabana Collection. LEFT: Surf Spray RIGHT: Beachy

You can also check out my review on two previous Revlon Parfumerie scented Nail enamels here.


Being a Revlon post, I actually purchased the 24 hours Revlon Colorstay for combination oily skin a few week back, not at Myer, but at Chemist Warehouse for $20AUD (not too sure if that special deal is still going on) and if you know how much this foundation costs originally($34.95 AUD) Myer is also having a sale on this for $24.46 AUD. I would really like to do a separate post on this, I know a lot of people RAVE on this product, but for me, it’s okay, it does have its pros but also its cons as well, but I will do a detailed post later on, hopefully.

Revlon Colorstay 24hours for Combination oily skin. SHADE: 200 NUDE

Revlon Colorstay 24 hours for Combination oily skin. SHADE: 200 NUDE

Make sure you check out the Sale on at Revlon if you’re interested and until next time..

Byee!! xx.

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Ever since the pastel craze kicked in, I cannot stop spotting it everywhere I go. Shoes, clothes, accessories, handbags and of course nail polishes, the most amazing product in the land of pastels, well for me anyways.

I always tend to go for different colours when it comes to nail polishes, so when my cousin grabbed me two of the cutest pastel shades, I melted inside just a little, no, actually a lot.

Revlon LEFT: 185 Lilac Pastelle RIGHT: 211 Charming

Revlon LEFT: 185 Lilac Pastelle RIGHT: 211 Charming

Whilst pastel colours have been more of a spring ‘it’ colour thing, it hasn’t totally disappeared and what better way to still wear pastels without feeling off trend than to paint them on your nails.

I love pastels because they bring about a femininity and elegant vibe that is so soft and makes you go awww.

I am loving these two shades from Revlon that are just the cutest thing to be placed on the white shelves of buy me now galore, a.k.a shops. I am so in love with Lilac Pastelle that I don’t want to change it up for next week and I think I may just keep it on.

185 Lilac Pastelle, ring finger OPI Pink Yet Lavender

185 Lilac Pastelle, ring finger OPI Pink Yet Lavender


Revlon nailpolish in 211 Charming

Revlon nailpolish in 211 Charming, ring finger OPI  It’s frosty outside

After 3 or 4 days, nail polishes start to wear out, the colour starts to dull and a great trick for keeping your nail polish colour looking fresh is to paint them over again on the third or fourth day, especially if you’re anything like me and are obsessing over a specific colour or you have an important event that night and you just don’t have time to re paint everything over again.







Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish

So as you were casually just skimming across headings, you probably noticed the words nail polish and then the word scented and then put it together in your head and realised OH MY GOSH scented nail polish!

Whenever I’m impressed by a product I always do a double take and then go towards it and be like what’s this!

I picked up two nail polishes from Revlon the other week and it’s their new fragranced collection that once applied, dries to a scented finish. A great range with 24 scented colours and available in 3 fragrance notes, Fruits and Florals, Sweets & Spices and Freshes.

Revlon Parfumerie Scented nail polish LEFT: Autumn Spice RIGHT: African Tea Rose

Revlon Parfumerie Scented nail polish
LEFT: Autumn Spice RIGHT: African Tea Rose

I was really drawn towards this, being a nail polish lover and all, so when they decided to innovate it, it was just so hard to resist not getting it. In saying that though, it does retail for $16.95 AUD for 11.7 mL of product or one bottle. To me, it is a bit pricey just for one polish, however it is still new to the market and I was able to get 2 for $20 as their introductory offer. (I picked mine up at Priceline, so if you’re interested in it after reading what I have to say, I’d get on that).

With the colours available, I didn’t want to get a colour that I already had, so I grabbed African Tea Rose from the Fruits & Florals notes and Autumn Spice  from the Sweets & Spices notes.

It is true to what they say, so it does have a scent once dried and for me the colour lasted about a week on my nails, I was also able to put on a top coat which I was surprised did not eliminate the smell of the actual polish. I did notice however, that the African Tea Rose had a very light smell, due to the nature of the scent so it wasn’t as strong as the Autumn Spice one.

standard nail polish brush with a round lid

standard nail polish brush with a round lid

African Tea Rose smelt like roses and is pink almost purple in colour and the Autumn Spice is a dark brown colour with gold flecks in it and smelt like cinammon, some butterscotch and coconut all mixed together.

Unfortunately, I didn’t grab any polishes from the Freshes notes, the colours in that one didn’t appeal to me as much. Think very neutral and almost pastel which is going to be very what’s hot in a few months time, so maybe then I’ll decide to grab some.

I would actually like to of had a display or a tester whilst at the store, just to smell the other scents available because it can be a bit ‘which do I pick’ with all the different scents there and not being able to choose one that you’ll like. I picked based on colour instead of smell. They did however have a little sample of paper of the China Jasmine polish, which smelt really nice as well but I already had that colour. If they had something like that for every polish it would of helped a lot to know how each of the polishes smelled.

China Jasmine sample paper from the Fruits & Florals notes

China Jasmine sample paper from the Fruits & Florals notes

So if you guys have $20 to spend or want to try something different and something fun with your nails, this could be good for you. I also loved the pigment of the colour, it wasn’t too wishy washy as some people call it or lack of colour for others.

It can be a bit weird though, if you ask people to smell your fingernails. Don’t blame you though if you do, it smells good.

If you guys have any other questions about this product, comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.