With love from the Blue Mountains

throwing you all lots of love

throwing you all lots of love

Not quite too sure what it is, maybe it’s the fresh mountain air or the long drive to the Blue Mountains or just a whole lot of colour your eyes take in, it’s always so refreshing spending a day somewhere you’ll never get sick of.

I hope everybody has enjoyed their long weekend so far and as for myself I spent it up in the mountains where I was supposed to go for a hike but then turned into location spotting for the best lookout points and a competition to see how many photos we could take on the edge of cliffs, which I lost because my legs were shaking looking at how high we were.

Sublime Point lookout

Sublime Point lookout

I love how the air is so fresh and crisp and that the views are always so breathtaking. Despite trekking up a tonne of stairs, it’s always worth it when you make it to your destination. That and your body will thank you later for how toned it will be.

"Wait, I need this pic for snapchat"

“Wait, I need this pic for snapchat”

Hope you enjoy some of these photos, something I definitely needed to do before I mentally prepare myself for how busy this week is. Why are there so many birthdays in May?

Have a great week everybody and until next time..


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Dear Diary: Road trip to the Hunter Valley

Fine wine, chocolates and a group of friends.. sounds like a lot of fun, if only you weren’t allergic to alcohol!

A couple of friends and I decided to head up to Hunter Valley over the weekend and of course I’m still feeling a little delirious from all that sun I soaked up.  We booked in for a wine and chocolate session and although so informative and a lot of fun, I had no clue what our tour guide was talking about. By the second sip of wine, I was already sweating and according to my friend, my scalp went all red. Some wines just don’t do well with my body. Regardless I had a tonne of fun and loved exploring the gardens.

sitting in the amphitheater

sitting in the amphitheater

In true Alice in Wonderland style

In true Alice in Wonderland style

In the oriental garden

In the oriental garden

Exploring the Rose garden

Exploring the Rose garden

I’ve also recently jumped on the food reviewing wagon because everybody is a little inner foodie at heart, so I jumped on the Zomato app and ended up at this cute cafe called Enzo for lunch. If you follow me on Instagram, the way they serve the iced coffee and juices are pretty nostalgic.

Super filling

Super filling

I definitely recommend heading up there if you haven;t already. We ended up coming home with 6 bottles of wine and 2 blocks of chocolate, I mean how often are we going to be there.

Anyways I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Here’s hoping the working week will be good to all of us and until next time..

Byeee!! xx.

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Bushwalking adventures part 2

I’m pretty sure the last time I went bushwalking I vowed to never do it again, but somehow I get tricked into thinking that maybe this time it’ll be easier. 

Just before the new year, my friends and I decided to go bushwalking. We headed up to Wentworth Falls and it was definitely peak tourist times because it was so busy!

There’s something about long drives that I really love. As long as I’m up the front and don’t get car sick, they’re great. Probably one of the reasons I gave in to going bushwalking again this time and maybe breathing in the fresh air, but don’t tell my friend Murielle that.

I was able to take some breathtaking pictures that I hope you all will enjoy. Keep in mind this was a recommended three-four hour walk, but we did it in two!

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My body was aching for 4 days. It was intense, but I’d do it again as much as I complain every single time I go.

I’m also trying to Instagram everyday so check out my Instagram here.

Byeee and I hope you all had an amazing start to 2016!


Dear Diary: Bushwalking adventures

Oh wait, let me just check my instagram!

Is what I have been saying as of late, I’m just slightly obsessed with social media right now, which has led me into neglecting all things blogging. Insert instagram username here –> lalalinee_

This September has been crazyy for me, I love spring but only sometimes, the parties that have been going on especially this one great party from yours truly, IMATS in sydney, going bushwalking for the first time ever to working really hard and figuring out the next steps for me. It’s been a great September and I will now fill you all in on my adventures and pretty pretty pictures that you’ll see first if you follow me on insta.

Bushwalking, what an adventure that was! A drive to the beautiful Blue Mountains, giant stairs, the three sisters, overall a fantastic view, getting in touch with nature, but maybe the next time I go, I’ll choose an easier track..

It started out with choosing an outfit..

It started out with choosing an outfit..

to taking a photo of the first view..

The Three Sisters















Enjoy these pictures, I did after the trek, I was too busy concentrating on not falling.

Will blog soon! 🙂