Dear Diary: My first ever Pandora!

For years I have been so against Pandora, there’s something about the charms that I’m just not interested in. I’m still not a big fan of the charm bracelets but the rings I get a little too crazy about.

I’ve had a very busy July and it always seems to happen, I recently just celebrated one of my best friend’s birthday where we ended up watching a double feature movie, had a massive brunch and ended the night with some sangria! Of course, with any birthday comes presents, so what better present than matching Pandora.

Normally when I walk into any kind of jewellery store I get so overwhelmed I end up walking out because I don’t want to deal with the unknown. However I was determined to buy some rings for my best friend and I and just kind of walked around until somebody approached me.  All the girls at work talk about being able to stack their Pandora rings and I wanted to be able to do that with mine as well.

I actually really enjoyed my experience at the Pandora store and just being able to mix and match what rings worked well with what was a lot of fun. For myself I ended up choosing a bow ring because we all know my obsession with bows is on another level, but also because my cousin has the same one who now lives in London and I really wanted the same ring as her so we could be twinning from however many miles away we are. The second ring is a flower ring which I also got for my best friend so we could be twinning as well.

My first ever Pandora rings

My first ever Pandora rings

I’m also not the biggest silver fan, whenever I choose jewellery I normally go for gold just because my skin is so sensitive, so here’s hoping nothing happens. It’s probably also my first piece of silver jewellery in a long time.

Hope everybody is having a really good day, can you guys believe it’s already JULY! Time is flying by so fast, I’ll have another blog up on here soon and until next time..

Byeeeee!! xx.

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For firmer, more beautiful skin

Whenever I attend training sessions for work, I get so into whatever it is that is being talked about that after the trainer has gone I always buy a couple of things.

Sure when it comes to our skin we can get a little bit lazy. It’s the end of the day and all you want to do is hop into bed with your pillows and maybe some netflix and you just kind of forget about everything else.

Now I don’t know about you, but I tend to moisturise a lot more during the colder seasons and the only reason for this is because I can actually see how dry my skin is, whereas in the hotter seasons, my skin doesn’t get as dry and honestly I really just hate the feel of anything on my skin after I’ve had a nice cold shower.

I’ve currently jumped on the L’occitane wagon and I’ve been using their Almond range for a couple of months now.

LEFT: Supple Skin Oil MIDDLE: Lighter Legs RIGHT: Shower Oil

LEFT: Supple Skin Oil MIDDLE: Lighter Legs RIGHT: Shower Oil


First off, the Amande Shower Oil. When I first heard about this, I thought it was going to be oily and leave a slimy residue on my skin. Everybody knows water and oil do not mix so it confused me as to how this was going to work. After use I found that it didn’t leave that oily film, but it also cleansed and softened my skin.

I have however noticed that after I’ve used it my skin feels a little bit tighter which was great to see as I was taught that this was the beginning product to use in order to help firm and tone the skin.

Next up and probably my favourite from the range is the Amande Supple Skin Oil. This oil melts into the skin and reveals such a beautiful glow. It leaves me with super smooth and supple skin that I can’t help but tell people to feel me.  This oil is designed to work on the problem areas of the body, so your thighs or your belly, pretty much anywhere that you need some firming. It does take a little while to absorb into the skin, so give it a while before dressing as it does transfer onto other materials.

I bought this last product because my feet and calves always ache at the end of the day. I blame my boots but they’ve just been with me too long that I can’t get rid of them. The Amande Lighter Legs really refreshes tired legs. I like to massage it into my calf muscles and feet and honestly it feels 10 times better. It’s also great for increasing circulation around certain areas.

They do have another product in this range that I am dying to try and that is their milk concentrate which I’ve heard leaves skin even softer, so that will definitely be my next purchase. Make sure you try these products out, I love them and until next time..

Byeeeeee!! xx.

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Last minute work gifts

So it really hasn’t felt very christmas like this year. It sort of just feels like every other day and I mean sure there’s the christmas trees and the decorations and plans being made but overall I feel like that festive spirit just isn’t there, so I thought I would give out some last minute christmas gifts.

This year I decided to give out christmas cards with a sachet of tea in each of them. We all know not everybody keeps a christmas card, so I thought I’d pop in a little gift as well.

I popped into T2 a couple of weeks ago and purchased The Cotton Collective. It contains 80 sachets of 8 different types of teas and tisanes. They include Assam, French Earl grey, Gorgeous Geisha, Japanese Sencha, Liquorice legs, Melbourne breakfast, Mint mix and White Rose. All for the price of $85 AUD.


T2 Cotton Collective $85 AUD


Each partition contains 10 sachets

I like to add personal touches to any present I make, so I purchased this adorable Alphabet & Numbers stamp set from Kikki.K for $19.95 AUD. Most likely the best investment ever. I really like the font of this stamp set and it really does make everything look so much cuter!


Kikki.K alphabet and numbers stamp set $19.95 AUD

The finishing touches were some beautiful ribbon or twine wrapped around the envelope, I’d like to thank Youtube for showing me different ways to wrap bows on a present and each card also has a personalised message in it.


Curling ribbon works well if you’ve run out of proper ribbon like I did.

I had a lot of fun making up these little gifts, it took a while because there were 70 people, but it was worth it to see everybody so happy, even if for those few seconds. Let me know some gifts you guys gave this year, it’ll most likely give me ideas for next year and until next time..

Byeeeeeee!! xx.

Hoping you all have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!

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Dear Diary: Weekends with Kate Spade

Shopping when you don’t know that there are sales on can be very dangerous to your bank account, but also a pleasant surprise at the same time.

I headed into the city to shop for my baby cousin’s formal and of course I ended up seeing too many things that I liked and well, I went a little bit crazy.

Anybody who knows me, knows that I love bows which obviously means, Kate Spade is my best friend! I bought the cutest Kate Spade bracelet for my birthday a few months ago and I only got the chance to wear it for two weeks and then I lost it somewhere (insert broken heart). So when I saw that there was 20% off on Kate Spade at David Jones, I knew that I had to get another one.

Instead of going for the chunky bow bracelet I had last time, I went for the simpler option in a dusty pink colour. I love how simple and elegant this bracelet is and it barely feels like it’s even wrapped around my wrist. I team it up with my rose gold Fossil watch for my everyday look and I know they’re going to be best friends.

Kate Spade bracelet

Kate Spade New York Tied up Hinge Bangle

I also stumbled across a gorgeous Kate Spade watch in the shape of a bow which is now on the wishlist for christmas, for my birthday, for whenever I can afford it.

Before the day ended, I also got to enjoy an iced coffee and a waffle at Le Pain Quotidien. This cafe has such an amazing view with herb plants on the table.


The view

Belgian waffles and Iced coffes

Belgian waffles and Iced coffes


Let me know if you guys love a good Kate Spade anything. Certainly one of my favourites and hopefully you enjoyed this post and until next time..

Byeee!! xx.

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