Dear Diary: My first ever Pandora!

For years I have been so against Pandora, there’s something about the charms that I’m just not interested in. I’m still not a big fan of the charm bracelets but the rings I get a little too crazy about.

I’ve had a very busy July and it always seems to happen, I recently just celebrated one of my best friend’s birthday where we ended up watching a double feature movie, had a massive brunch and ended the night with some sangria! Of course, with any birthday comes presents, so what better present than matching Pandora.

Normally when I walk into any kind of jewellery store I get so overwhelmed I end up walking out because I don’t want to deal with the unknown. However I was determined to buy some rings for my best friend and I and just kind of walked around until somebody approached me.  All the girls at work talk about being able to stack their Pandora rings and I wanted to be able to do that with mine as well.

I actually really enjoyed my experience at the Pandora store and just being able to mix and match what rings worked well with what was a lot of fun. For myself I ended up choosing a bow ring because we all know my obsession with bows is on another level, but also because my cousin has the same one who now lives in London and I really wanted the same ring as her so we could be twinning from however many miles away we are. The second ring is a flower ring which I also got for my best friend so we could be twinning as well.

My first ever Pandora rings

My first ever Pandora rings

I’m also not the biggest silver fan, whenever I choose jewellery I normally go for gold just because my skin is so sensitive, so here’s hoping nothing happens. It’s probably also my first piece of silver jewellery in a long time.

Hope everybody is having a really good day, can you guys believe it’s already JULY! Time is flying by so fast, I’ll have another blog up on here soon and until next time..

Byeeeee!! xx.

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Dear diary: Birthday celebrations!

Good morning my lovelies, or goodnight? Honestly I can’t tell with the clouds fading the sun in and out, it’s making my brain think that I need to turn on the light.

So I recently celebrated my birthday and I am known for having the worst birthdays imaginable. Which sort of makes it fun now because it’s more unexpected and random which is always good.

I wanted to share a few pictures with you guys and I’m so shocked I actually had fun this time.

The night started with a beautiful dinner with some of my family and my closest friends.. ( I only managed to get very few)..

Part 6 of the Ottoman dinner feast

Part 6 of the Ottoman dinner feast

the night wasn't complete without some wine

the night wasn’t complete without some wine


From left to right: Lemon Baharat Chicken shish kebab and Lamb kafta shish kebab






This was my cake, it was amazing!!! and so cool..

firebomb birthday cake

firebomb birthday cake

It contained beautiful turkish delight ice cream, blueberries and was flamed with kurrant vodka, truly sick as! It almost singed my eyebrows off (totally joking)

The next day I got to open some of my presents and here are just a couple that I absolutely adore!!

Royal Albert - tea set just for me

Royal Albert – tea set just for me

Bortoletti quill pen

Bortoletti quill pen


I love a good celebration, dining out and having fun so this was a good night for me.

P.s If you follow me on twitter,  I tweeted this picture,

Kuu konjac deep cleansing sponge

Kuu konjac deep cleansing sponge

I’ve just started using it, I’m super excited about it, I’ve heard some amazing things, so will review soon on it, meaning when it works on my face or not, there will be a blog about it. =)

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