FEEL: Benefit Hello flawless oxygen wow liquid foundation

I am a big fan of Benefit right now and I only dream that one day I will be a Benebabe but dreams come true and you never know. =)

(Caroline’s wise wisdom of the day)

In a previous post I teased a little bit about some products that I just bought in a puzzling picture that gave A LOT away, I did my best, and today is the day I share what products I bought with you in something that I would like to call a review?

One of my all time favourite foundations right now is Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow liquid foundation. It’s light, it’s oil free, it has oxygen in it! say hello to my skin breathing under all the makeup, it has a brightening effect, it’s great!

Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation

Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation

This is a great go to day to day foundation where you don’t feel like putting on too much makeup, but just having something there because if you’re like me bare skin is only for shower time.

oxygen anyone?

oxygen anyone?

I love the fact that it is so light and it doesn’t feel as if I have a tonne of makeup on which is great especially it leading to summer over where I’m at. Even for the days my skin disagrees with me, concealer is my absolute saviour! I’ve seen it work first hand as one of my besties had her makeup done by a benebabe and throughout the day I saw how glowing her skin became and the brightening effect had a lot to do with the glow on her skin. I couldn’t take my eyes away I was like babe your skin is GREAT! you look flawless! (as the name entitles)

liquid pumpin'

liquid pumpin’

It contains SPF and is literally a must for everyday skin care especially any babes like me with the acne scarring, the sun actually darkens those scars and makes them worse, so pack on that sunscreen!

So there are 9 different shades, one to suit almost every skin colour, I purchased mine for $55 AUD for 30mL and I’ve been pumping this bottle like crazy, but depending on how much you use it, mine has lasted me 5 months now, I wear it almost everyday and as the level starts to diminish and get smaller so does my smile, but then I remember I can always get another one. =)

my shade - "I'm so money" honey

my shade – “I’m so money” honey

Hope you enjoyed this post guys. Blog soon!! xx