Dear Diary: My first ever Pandora!

For years I have been so against Pandora, there’s something about the charms that I’m just not interested in. I’m still not a big fan of the charm bracelets but the rings I get a little too crazy about.

I’ve had a very busy July and it always seems to happen, I recently just celebrated one of my best friend’s birthday where we ended up watching a double feature movie, had a massive brunch and ended the night with some sangria! Of course, with any birthday comes presents, so what better present than matching Pandora.

Normally when I walk into any kind of jewellery store I get so overwhelmed I end up walking out because I don’t want to deal with the unknown. However I was determined to buy some rings for my best friend and I and just kind of walked around until somebody approached me.  All the girls at work talk about being able to stack their Pandora rings and I wanted to be able to do that with mine as well.

I actually really enjoyed my experience at the Pandora store and just being able to mix and match what rings worked well with what was a lot of fun. For myself I ended up choosing a bow ring because we all know my obsession with bows is on another level, but also because my cousin has the same one who now lives in London and I really wanted the same ring as her so we could be twinning from however many miles away we are. The second ring is a flower ring which I also got for my best friend so we could be twinning as well.

My first ever Pandora rings

My first ever Pandora rings

I’m also not the biggest silver fan, whenever I choose jewellery I normally go for gold just because my skin is so sensitive, so here’s hoping nothing happens. It’s probably also my first piece of silver jewellery in a long time.

Hope everybody is having a really good day, can you guys believe it’s already JULY! Time is flying by so fast, I’ll have another blog up on here soon and until next time..

Byeeeee!! xx.

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Dear Diary: Accessorising with RINGS!

ACCESSORIES PLEASE! I cannot handle the amount of bling you throw in my face because sometimes I just want to buy you ALL!

I love accessory stores and before I know it, my feet are moving towards the store, whilst my brain is still trying to figure out if I really want to go in there. Oh well, commence shopping!

Here are a few rings I purchased:

Lovisa MIDI ring (MEM MM HEART U)

Lovisa MIDI ring (MEM MM HEART U) $3AUD on SALE



Masquerade ring from ELSA LANVIN

Masquerade ring from ELSA LANVIN ($9.95AUD NOT on sale)

I always like to pick out different kinds of jewellery and be on the lookout for simple pieces that I can put together. Layering rings has become such a big thing that you can’t even have just one ring on one finger anymore, well you can, who am I to stop you.

I picked up a few pieces of jewellery yesterday that I think really make a statement and even look really pretty together, if you follow me on instagram, you’ll know what I mean.

By no means am I a fashionista, but for me I think it’s always good when layering rings to add texture and dimension. Having a simple band ring then another that is shiny and has tiny crystals on top of it look good together, so it doesn’t just look all blah. Even rings with cursive writing through it help break up that one size block kind of image.

Midi rings are great to play around with and look awesome on the fingers as they don’t sit where every other ring sits, meaning you can jazz out your fingers even more.

I put them all together like this:

rings rings rings rings!

rings rings rings rings!

What’s your favourite ring from these pictures?

That masquerade ring though!!


Hair accessories that don’t hurt and look good.

I’m always so envious of those girls that have that perfect morning hair and it’s even worse when they say they just woke up like that. NO! Okay, it’s not fair.  We can’t all have that amazing straight hair that doesn’t frizz and doesn’t need to be straightened alright! That’s how my hair used to be until I permed it and now I’m sick of this perm. Straight hair, just come back to me, you don’t even have to grow long, just be straight please.

Hair accessories are something every single woman has whether it be a bobby pin to like a do rag/doo-rag/du-rag I guess, I’m not judging, it keeps the sweat off your face, whatever works. Sometime in your life you will use a hair accessory.

A lot of women like to tie their hair up using those hair ties which is great for keeping that hair up and out of your face but after a long day, it leaves a massive kink in your hair and you probably also find that when you brush your hair out or you’re in the shower, there’s a lot more hair breakage because that hair tie is constantly pulling on your hair. You also make it worse when you pull your hair to the sides to get that hair tie tight again.

When you read wide banded, you probably thought of those really fat ugly ones right? No way there are so many funky styles out there.

so pretty, but so painful sometimes.

Headbands are also great for putting that fringe up on hot summer days but with headbands, they   just equate to a massive headache afterwards. You’re just asking for a headache. Try bobby pins instead, the ones that are zigzagged, they grip your hair a lot better. Or if you really can’t let go of your love of headbands, take them off once in a while and give that area behind your ears a massage or try those wide banded strapped hair bands

Everyday hair accessories are great, say you have work all day and for some reason you have to tie your hair up (food prep etc etc) and then night falls you want that hair down to flaunt it or what not but there’s a huge kink in your hair and there’s no hair straightener in sight, not even those mini ones and no you can’t use an iron, because, just don’t. A great accessory for your hair is to use one of those massive claw clips that grip your hair without pulling too much. I am in love with claw clips, they’re just better than a hair tie and your hair won’t break off as much you’ll find.

for the love of claw clips, it just makes putting your hair up that much faster.

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