Dear Diary: Enter chocolates

Everywhere I go it’s Lindt chocolate bunnies and easter eggs and ferrero rochers and chocolates and bunny ears and bunny toys with a hamper of chocolates.. it’s exhausting trying to refrain from eating them all.

I walked into the supermarket the other day and totally just got bombarded with chocolates in my face and there goes that little voice in my head telling me that Caroline, you really shouldn’t be eating all these chocolates but then again it’s just so hard once you’ve had one.

my favourite chocolates this Easter

my favourite chocolates this Easter

This time of year is probably the most fun, we have the royal easter show happening, which unfortunately I will not be attending this year! Even though I’ve been 2 years in a row and I always enjoy putting up my experiences from the show and also blog about the show bags I get, I figured that this year there was just way too many people attending and I don’t do the best with crowds, but also have you seen how expensive the tickets are getting. I’m pretty sure by 2020 it’ll be $50 entry. I also love this time because it’s a great little Easter break you get to spend with family or even just relax from work, the only thing I don’t like is all the chocolates in my face which then will give me pimples on my face.

In saying that, I hope you all enjoy your Easter break whatever you may be doing. Eat chocolates, but remember in moderation, let’s hope I can remember that and until next time..

Byeeeee! xx.

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How I get fresh glowing skin

I think one of the best parts of my job, tiring as it is, is the fact that I get to try new products and when it comes to getting your glow on, I’m just all over that!

Somebody wise once told me that, nobody ever says wow, you’ve got beautiful, matte skin and I’m pretty sure I laughed so hard because it’s just too true, you really don’t. We all talk about that beautiful healthy glow and I mean who doesn’t want to look fresh and pretend that they eat healthy food all the time. The very first time I put this product on my face I instantly fell in love.

With a lot of products I try for the first time, I always think I’m in love with them in the beginning but then I realise it’s just not good for me in the end, like the 2 donuts I had today. I am currently using Red earth’s Illuminating Loose Powder in 01 Pearl.  This product is just amazing and unlike the bad donut decision, I don’t regret this at all.

Red Earth illuminating loose powder in 01 Pearl

Red Earth illuminating loose powder in 01 Pearl

I am a powder setter, I always finish my makeup off with powder no matter loose or pressed I pack that stuff on because it’s the only way I know my makeup will stay on throughout the day. This particular powder is so super fine that it makes your skin feel velvety soft, but even better once applied and blended throughout the skin, the luminosity appears instantly. I love how it comes with a powder puff because when you press powders into the skin, the better it sets your makeup. I team this powder up with Estee Lauder’s Double wear and for my skin it just works, not only does it look more flawless, but my skin really looks like it’s glowing.

It does also come in another shade and that is Magician which is more of a soft gold which works well on more warm tones. In saying that, there really isn’t too much colour once applied, but I can definitely see why they would have two because it can also be used on its’ own to help enhance radiance on bare skin but also used as a highlight. Make your cheekbones eat their heart out!

Let me know what your current favourite powder is or even if you’ve tried this one and until next time..


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Dear Diary: Road trip to the Hunter Valley

Fine wine, chocolates and a group of friends.. sounds like a lot of fun, if only you weren’t allergic to alcohol!

A couple of friends and I decided to head up to Hunter Valley over the weekend and of course I’m still feeling a little delirious from all that sun I soaked up.  We booked in for a wine and chocolate session and although so informative and a lot of fun, I had no clue what our tour guide was talking about. By the second sip of wine, I was already sweating and according to my friend, my scalp went all red. Some wines just don’t do well with my body. Regardless I had a tonne of fun and loved exploring the gardens.

sitting in the amphitheater

sitting in the amphitheater

In true Alice in Wonderland style

In true Alice in Wonderland style

In the oriental garden

In the oriental garden

Exploring the Rose garden

Exploring the Rose garden

I’ve also recently jumped on the food reviewing wagon because everybody is a little inner foodie at heart, so I jumped on the Zomato app and ended up at this cute cafe called Enzo for lunch. If you follow me on Instagram, the way they serve the iced coffee and juices are pretty nostalgic.

Super filling

Super filling

I definitely recommend heading up there if you haven;t already. We ended up coming home with 6 bottles of wine and 2 blocks of chocolate, I mean how often are we going to be there.

Anyways I hope you all had an amazing weekend. Here’s hoping the working week will be good to all of us and until next time..

Byeee!! xx.

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For firmer, more beautiful skin

Whenever I attend training sessions for work, I get so into whatever it is that is being talked about that after the trainer has gone I always buy a couple of things.

Sure when it comes to our skin we can get a little bit lazy. It’s the end of the day and all you want to do is hop into bed with your pillows and maybe some netflix and you just kind of forget about everything else.

Now I don’t know about you, but I tend to moisturise a lot more during the colder seasons and the only reason for this is because I can actually see how dry my skin is, whereas in the hotter seasons, my skin doesn’t get as dry and honestly I really just hate the feel of anything on my skin after I’ve had a nice cold shower.

I’ve currently jumped on the L’occitane wagon and I’ve been using their Almond range for a couple of months now.

LEFT: Supple Skin Oil MIDDLE: Lighter Legs RIGHT: Shower Oil

LEFT: Supple Skin Oil MIDDLE: Lighter Legs RIGHT: Shower Oil


First off, the Amande Shower Oil. When I first heard about this, I thought it was going to be oily and leave a slimy residue on my skin. Everybody knows water and oil do not mix so it confused me as to how this was going to work. After use I found that it didn’t leave that oily film, but it also cleansed and softened my skin.

I have however noticed that after I’ve used it my skin feels a little bit tighter which was great to see as I was taught that this was the beginning product to use in order to help firm and tone the skin.

Next up and probably my favourite from the range is the Amande Supple Skin Oil. This oil melts into the skin and reveals such a beautiful glow. It leaves me with super smooth and supple skin that I can’t help but tell people to feel me.  This oil is designed to work on the problem areas of the body, so your thighs or your belly, pretty much anywhere that you need some firming. It does take a little while to absorb into the skin, so give it a while before dressing as it does transfer onto other materials.

I bought this last product because my feet and calves always ache at the end of the day. I blame my boots but they’ve just been with me too long that I can’t get rid of them. The Amande Lighter Legs really refreshes tired legs. I like to massage it into my calf muscles and feet and honestly it feels 10 times better. It’s also great for increasing circulation around certain areas.

They do have another product in this range that I am dying to try and that is their milk concentrate which I’ve heard leaves skin even softer, so that will definitely be my next purchase. Make sure you try these products out, I love them and until next time..

Byeeeeee!! xx.

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