Dear Diary: My first ever Pandora!

For years I have been so against Pandora, there’s something about the charms that I’m just not interested in. I’m still not a big fan of the charm bracelets but the rings I get a little too crazy about.

I’ve had a very busy July and it always seems to happen, I recently just celebrated one of my best friend’s birthday where we ended up watching a double feature movie, had a massive brunch and ended the night with some sangria! Of course, with any birthday comes presents, so what better present than matching Pandora.

Normally when I walk into any kind of jewellery store I get so overwhelmed I end up walking out because I don’t want to deal with the unknown. However I was determined to buy some rings for my best friend and I and just kind of walked around until somebody approached me.  All the girls at work talk about being able to stack their Pandora rings and I wanted to be able to do that with mine as well.

I actually really enjoyed my experience at the Pandora store and just being able to mix and match what rings worked well with what was a lot of fun. For myself I ended up choosing a bow ring because we all know my obsession with bows is on another level, but also because my cousin has the same one who now lives in London and I really wanted the same ring as her so we could be twinning from however many miles away we are. The second ring is a flower ring which I also got for my best friend so we could be twinning as well.

My first ever Pandora rings

My first ever Pandora rings

I’m also not the biggest silver fan, whenever I choose jewellery I normally go for gold just because my skin is so sensitive, so here’s hoping nothing happens. It’s probably also my first piece of silver jewellery in a long time.

Hope everybody is having a really good day, can you guys believe it’s already JULY! Time is flying by so fast, I’ll have another blog up on here soon and until next time..

Byeeeee!! xx.

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With love from the Blue Mountains

throwing you all lots of love

throwing you all lots of love

Not quite too sure what it is, maybe it’s the fresh mountain air or the long drive to the Blue Mountains or just a whole lot of colour your eyes take in, it’s always so refreshing spending a day somewhere you’ll never get sick of.

I hope everybody has enjoyed their long weekend so far and as for myself I spent it up in the mountains where I was supposed to go for a hike but then turned into location spotting for the best lookout points and a competition to see how many photos we could take on the edge of cliffs, which I lost because my legs were shaking looking at how high we were.

Sublime Point lookout

Sublime Point lookout

I love how the air is so fresh and crisp and that the views are always so breathtaking. Despite trekking up a tonne of stairs, it’s always worth it when you make it to your destination. That and your body will thank you later for how toned it will be.

"Wait, I need this pic for snapchat"

“Wait, I need this pic for snapchat”

Hope you enjoy some of these photos, something I definitely needed to do before I mentally prepare myself for how busy this week is. Why are there so many birthdays in May?

Have a great week everybody and until next time..


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Skin after Easter: Foreo Luna review

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that I’ve had way too many chocolates over this Easter break and what happens when you eat too much chocolate, you break out, well for me at least.

This blog post today, is all about my new favourite cleansing tool for my face. I am currently in love with the Foreo Luna for combination skin. Now I have been eyeing this baby out for years and I never could completely commit because it was just so out of my price range. It currently retails for $249 AUD but I do know the mini ones are $179 AUD. I found this on sale at David Jones for 30% off and you bet I jumped up and down with excitement and monkey gripped that thing until I took it to the register. Sometimes I really love sale time!

Foreo Luna for combination skin

Foreo Luna for combination skin

I decided to grab the Foreo Luna because even thought the mini is so cute and travel convenient, I love how the flipside of the Foreo Luna helps with the ageing process. One side is great for cleansing and getting rid of all the dirt, sweat and makeup that’s stuck in you pores but the other side helps with anti ageing just by placing them on specific points of your face, they recommend 12 seconds for each spot. I figured with a 10 year quality guarantee that when I start to get older, I will be loving this a lot more for my face and if you didn’t know that when you hit 25 years of age that’s when your anti ageing products come into play. So look for products that are global anti ageing, then you’ll know you’re covered.

This side is used for anti ageing... thankyou low frequency pulsations!

This side is used for anti ageing… thankyou low frequency pulsations!

When I first used this I noticed an immediate difference, my skin looked a lot more radiant and fresh. Not only did it cleanse effectively, I worry less about those little expression lines. I also realised how much makeup I was missing when washing my face with just my hands. My skin also felt super soft that I had to refrain myself from touching it. It also has 8 different speeds. A good guide I like to tell people when using cleansing tools is that the slower the speed the deeper the cleanse and the faster the speed the more superficial or on top cleansing it is.

I love how it’s 100% waterproof, non porous which means no bacteria sticks onto it, gentle on my skin and what really is amazing is that once fully charged (which only took up to one hour), you can use it up to a year before it needs to be fully charged again.

If anybody is thinking about getting this product, I highly recommend it, best life decision you will ever make and even if you’re unsure, check out the reviews on their website. Don’t forget, the cleaner your skin, the better your products will absorb.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post and found out some useful information and I’ll be back with another blog soon.

Love, Caroline xx.

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Dear Diary: Enter chocolates

Everywhere I go it’s Lindt chocolate bunnies and easter eggs and ferrero rochers and chocolates and bunny ears and bunny toys with a hamper of chocolates.. it’s exhausting trying to refrain from eating them all.

I walked into the supermarket the other day and totally just got bombarded with chocolates in my face and there goes that little voice in my head telling me that Caroline, you really shouldn’t be eating all these chocolates but then again it’s just so hard once you’ve had one.

my favourite chocolates this Easter

my favourite chocolates this Easter

This time of year is probably the most fun, we have the royal easter show happening, which unfortunately I will not be attending this year! Even though I’ve been 2 years in a row and I always enjoy putting up my experiences from the show and also blog about the show bags I get, I figured that this year there was just way too many people attending and I don’t do the best with crowds, but also have you seen how expensive the tickets are getting. I’m pretty sure by 2020 it’ll be $50 entry. I also love this time because it’s a great little Easter break you get to spend with family or even just relax from work, the only thing I don’t like is all the chocolates in my face which then will give me pimples on my face.

In saying that, I hope you all enjoy your Easter break whatever you may be doing. Eat chocolates, but remember in moderation, let’s hope I can remember that and until next time..

Byeeeee! xx.

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