Dear Diary: Enter chocolates

Everywhere I go it’s Lindt chocolate bunnies and easter eggs and ferrero rochers and chocolates and bunny ears and bunny toys with a hamper of chocolates.. it’s exhausting trying to refrain from eating them all.

I walked into the supermarket the other day and totally just got bombarded with chocolates in my face and there goes that little voice in my head telling me that Caroline, you really shouldn’t be eating all these chocolates but then again it’s just so hard once you’ve had one.

my favourite chocolates this Easter

my favourite chocolates this Easter

This time of year is probably the most fun, we have the royal easter show happening, which unfortunately I will not be attending this year! Even though I’ve been 2 years in a row and I always enjoy putting up my experiences from the show and also blog about the show bags I get, I figured that this year there was just way too many people attending and I don’t do the best with crowds, but also have you seen how expensive the tickets are getting. I’m pretty sure by 2020 it’ll be $50 entry. I also love this time because it’s a great little Easter break you get to spend with family or even just relax from work, the only thing I don’t like is all the chocolates in my face which then will give me pimples on my face.

In saying that, I hope you all enjoy your Easter break whatever you may be doing. Eat chocolates, but remember in moderation, let’s hope I can remember that and until next time..

Byeeeee! xx.

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