Dear Diary: Are you sure this is Autumn?

Talk about humidity, it’s the second week into Autumn and it is still unbelievably hot that I don’t even know how I’m dealing. It’s funny because I really wanted to invest in one of those pens that had a fan at the end of it but I figured that Summer was over and it wouldn’t be so hot, but I was so wrong. 

I kind of feel a little bit like Autumn is really not being Autumn right now. I wish the past 10 days didn’t feel like it was an extended Summer so I could start wearing all the cute autumn winter fashion that are currently in stores at the moment. One of my all time favourite seasons would definitely be Winter.

There is something about layering clothes the right way in order to make your outfit look more fashionable and elegant and that is my kind of style.

Although I really love it being sunny and being able to see green trees and blue skies, it was definitely a refreshing change compared to Tokyo which didn’t have as much greenery like we do here in Sydney.  The past week I’ve been at a training session and I’m so thankful that I get to see this view pretty much everyday that I’ve been there. Also, because we were near the water, it was a lot cooler compared to the CBD.

I also struggle a little bit with eczema myself and because I hate that it’s hot so much, I sweat and the eczema gets going and it’s just a vicious cycle of me trying not to scratch and then I get irritated because I shouldn’t scratch it, but then it’s itchy and eczema strugglers you know what I’m talking about it.

I’m really hoping for cooler weather soon because I love my dark lipsticks and we all know autumn and winter is all about the dark lipsticks. Keep cool everybody and until next time..

Byeeeee!! xx.

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