Bushwalking adventures part 2

I’m pretty sure the last time I went bushwalking I vowed to never do it again, but somehow I get tricked into thinking that maybe this time it’ll be easier. 

Just before the new year, my friends and I decided to go bushwalking. We headed up to Wentworth Falls and it was definitely peak tourist times because it was so busy!

There’s something about long drives that I really love. As long as I’m up the front and don’t get car sick, they’re great. Probably one of the reasons I gave in to going bushwalking again this time and maybe breathing in the fresh air, but don’t tell my friend Murielle that.

I was able to take some breathtaking pictures that I hope you all will enjoy. Keep in mind this was a recommended three-four hour walk, but we did it in two!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My body was aching for 4 days. It was intense, but I’d do it again as much as I complain every single time I go.

I’m also trying to Instagram everyday so check out my Instagram here.

Byeee and I hope you all had an amazing start to 2016!



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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