The next best nail trend

I am probably one of the biggest fans of painting my nails, maybe it’s the fumes getting into my head, but I love taking the time to just do my nails.

When I have the time, I especially love getting acrylics done. I always ask if they can shape them into a point because that’s the type of shape I love. My nails are still recovering from my last set of acrylics and because I’ve been so hands on at work these past few months, I haven’t had the chance to get them done and instead I’ve discovered the next best thing!

I am in love with these fake nails by Elegant Touch. They were all the craze in London Fashion Week and I can see why.


Elegant Touch Nails LEFT: Minnie Mouse RIGHT: Polished Bright Pink

There aren;t too many designs, but I picked up these two from my local supermarket. Inside contains about 2 or 3 sets of fake nails for both of your hands. All you have to do is measure the sizes that fit yours the best and then stick them on.

For me, they lasted around 4 days before they got to that dirty stage. I noticed that they don’t fall off as fast as the regular ones you glue on, but because the glue on the nails isn’t applied over the entire nail, there is a gap.

I love how these are super easy to apply. All you do is press them on. I found these particularly helpful when taking off my acrylics. My nails would always break, so I used these as a cover up for my real nails.

I’m also a huge fan of these minnie mouse ones.


Got my minnie mouse nails on

Once you take them off, the remaining glue left on your normal nail can just be removed with nail polish remover. These are also really great for those last minute events where you totally forgot that you had to paint your nails.

Let me know if you’ve tried these and until next time..

Byeeeeeee!! xx.

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