Last minute work gifts

So it really hasn’t felt very christmas like this year. It sort of just feels like every other day and I mean sure there’s the christmas trees and the decorations and plans being made but overall I feel like that festive spirit just isn’t there, so I thought I would give out some last minute christmas gifts.

This year I decided to give out christmas cards with a sachet of tea in each of them. We all know not everybody keeps a christmas card, so I thought I’d pop in a little gift as well.

I popped into T2 a couple of weeks ago and purchased The Cotton Collective. It contains 80 sachets of 8 different types of teas and tisanes. They include Assam, French Earl grey, Gorgeous Geisha, Japanese Sencha, Liquorice legs, Melbourne breakfast, Mint mix and White Rose. All for the price of $85 AUD.


T2 Cotton Collective $85 AUD


Each partition contains 10 sachets

I like to add personal touches to any present I make, so I purchased this adorable Alphabet & Numbers stamp set from Kikki.K for $19.95 AUD. Most likely the best investment ever. I really like the font of this stamp set and it really does make everything look so much cuter!


Kikki.K alphabet and numbers stamp set $19.95 AUD

The finishing touches were some beautiful ribbon or twine wrapped around the envelope, I’d like to thank Youtube for showing me different ways to wrap bows on a present and each card also has a personalised message in it.


Curling ribbon works well if you’ve run out of proper ribbon like I did.

I had a lot of fun making up these little gifts, it took a while because there were 70 people, but it was worth it to see everybody so happy, even if for those few seconds. Let me know some gifts you guys gave this year, it’ll most likely give me ideas for next year and until next time..

Byeeeeeee!! xx.

Hoping you all have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!

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