Dear Diary: Holiday eating has started?

Let’s eat healthy Caroline.. Let’s try and eat less food and go out less for the next two weeks Caroline says my inner voice who tries to do what’s best for me, but it just doesn’t happen.

I’m pretty sure we all try and prepare ourselves for the upcoming craziness that is christmas and new year’s parties. I for one always do try and eat a little bit healthier the weeks leading up to those dates because I seriously cannot control myself for the rest of the year, so I just tell myself that 2 weeks before is fine. My family and friends go crazy during this time and they celebrate with good food, a whole lot of fun and did I mention a lot of food!

Having said all that, it hasn’t been the best start to eating super healthy and even trying to get some extra exercise in for me. I’ve pretty much spent this time trying to catch up with my friends and family who I haven’t seen in a while. Friday night I had steak with baked potatoes at Hurricanes, Saturday Night I had a full stuffed burger from Ribs and Burgers with a side of chips and sauce, alot of sauce and Sunday I had Korean BBQ for lunch, but only because I attended a baptism and then later went to have dinner with a good friend of mine and ate this delicious Katsu Udon.

Ending the day with some Katsu Udon

Ending the day with some Katsu Udon

I really need to start finding things to do that don’t involve food, but it’s just sooo good!

Let me know if the holiday eating has already started for you guys and until next time..

Byeeee!!! xx.

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