Products to help with PORES and blackheads

.. I never realised how big my pores were until I started using these products.

Like any girl, a magnifying mirror is not my best friend, it really shows EVERYTHING! From open pores, to blackheads and that little hair that you thought you tweezed to only find out that it’s still there, you only snapped the hair, instead of pulling it out from the root!

In terms of skincare, I decided to switch up my serum. I am now currently using Lancome Visionnaire advanced skin corrector. I was really drawn to this serum not only because pores are an issue, but I’m starting to notice a little bit of smile lines happening and I really wanted my skin to be a bit more even in texture. After what I put my face through in beauty college, with the facials once a week which completely broke me out, my skin has now only just started to look a lot more smoother, a lot more even and it’s all thanks to this beautiful product!

Lancome Visionnaire serum 30mL

Lancome Visionnaire serum 30mL

I’m also really loving how small my pores are looking. It’s such a lightweight serum that I enjoy putting on morning and night. It does also have a scent to it, but it’s definitely not overwhelming when you put it on and I’ve seen great results from this and I love it!

Another product I use is this Glamglow Youthmud masque. I have heard countless spiels on how much people love this product, so when I stepped into Mecca Maxima and found that they had a little baby one, I had to get it. First of all, the price on this thing better mean it’s a really good product. I believe I paid $23 for 15g of this, I was really hoping it would work.

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate treatment masque

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate treatment masque 15g

Now I was warned from a friend that she felt a burning stinging sensation as she was using this. Despite the fact that it is a tingling exfoliant mask, I was not anticipating it to sting that much and I’ve used many masks in my life. Although there has been a lot of dispute on whether or not this product was safe to use and although I did feel like it was really stinging, after I washed it off, my skin felt extremely soft, super smooth and it worked those blackheads out of my pores. My pores also looked like they never existed and I’m always really cautious with anything I put on my skin, and it didn’t leave any redness or bumps or any signs that I was allergic to the product, so I think I will keep on using it, because I love the results and if you’re daring, you can too.

Last but not least, primer. I have been on the search for a good primer, since I found out that primers existed. I never really found one I liked until I met Benefit POREfessional. Not only is this  my little secret to a flawless foundation, I always get heaps of compliments about my makeup when I use this. It definitely minimises the appearance of my pores and unlike other primers I’ve tried, its glides over my face and I only need the tiniest amount. The product is also flesh coloured but still blends into the skin really well.  I would definitely give this a go if you’re looking for a new primer.

Benefit POREfessional 7.5mL sample size

Let me know some products you all are using, I need to be in the know.. STAT and until next time..

Byeeee!! xx.

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3 thoughts on “Products to help with PORES and blackheads

  1. Hi there. Just found your site so I’m a new follower (and a new blogger too). I’ve been hearing a lot of positive reviews on the Glamglow mud. I have a small sample I’m going to try out on Saturday. I’m a huge fan of Benefit Professional but…. curious if you’ve tried this or not. NYX Pore Perfecter? I was totally hesitant to buy it because I usually steer toward the high end products but I swear it’s almost an exact dupe. The only different is the two are ever so slightly different beige tones (which doesn’t matter anyhow) but the end result and feel and consistency are pretty much the same. I found my new love.


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