How I fill in my eyebrows

I know I can’t be the only one, but sometimes I may occasionally, accidentally pluck that one stray hair that I shouldn’t have and now I’m left with uneven eyebrows and insert sad face!

In saying that my eye brow routine changes all the time, I usually love a really dark brow, something that stands out and really frames the heck out of my face. Since I’ve finished using my last eyebrow pencil, I decided to give Smashbox Brow tech to go crayon a go.

Smashbox brow tech to go in Brunette

Smashbox brow tech to go in Brunette

So far I am really loving this product, ever since I started using it, I get so many compliments about how good my eyebrows look and it’s honestly all because of this. On one end it has the crayon, shaped on an angle ,which makes it so much easier to maneuver and really fill in those gaps. The other end contains a brow gel, clear in colour and just helps to set the product and comb your brow hairs out. Not really a big fan of the brow gel on the other side though, it just seems to remove the product when I brush it through, so I’m always super careful and use the lightest touch when I apply it.

Gel on the other side

Gel on the other side

I really love how this product has a light colour, the consistency is great, and I love the fact that I can build up the colour to my desired look. I also run a little bit of foundation through my eyebrows after I’ve put it on my face with a foundation brush because I find that helps the product stick to something and makes it a lot easier application wise.

Let me know what your current brow routine is and what product you’re using and until next time..

Byeee!! xx.

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2 thoughts on “How I fill in my eyebrows

  1. This was super informative and I love your style of writing! I just followed your blog and I’m excited to read more from you 🙂 If you have a spare minute, please check out my blog and follow it 🙂


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