Benefits of coffee scrubs

I think everybody and their families know that I absolutely LOVE my coffee. The smell makes me go a little crazy inside and I will crave it until I get some coffee in me, and you best believe that if it tastes like horrible chocolate water, it shifts my mood almost instantaneously and it just does weird things to me, why, I do not know!

I first heard about coffee in scrubs when I was studying beauty therapy. I would always insist on a coffee scrub whenever we did spa mud wraps in class as it was so detoxifying for the body and because coffee is a natural antioxidant it helps to target cellulite and boost circulation in whichever area you apply it.  It also always left my skin a lot more toned, refreshed and renewed.

A current range I have been loving at the moment is made in New Zealand called The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Range Coffee Body Scrub with Cocoa vanilla & cassia. I also use their body balm in the same range, it really helps to lock in that beautiful cassia (an essential oil) smell onto my body and leaves my skin smooth and super nourished!

The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Range Coffee Body Scrub cocoa vanilla & cassia

The Aromatherapy Co. Therapy Range Coffee Body Scrub cocoa vanilla & cassia

We all know the benefits of what a good scrub can do for the skin, but if not, it essentially removes dead skin cells from the body, promotes skin regeneration and leaves your skin super smooth, nourished and makes you want to tell everybody to come and touch your skin. I really love this scrub in particular because unlike most scrubs, although it leaves your skin soft and smooth, this scrub contains the essential oil cassia in it which once the scrub is washed of, leaves an extremely nourished feeling to the skin, so my skin is super hydrated as well.

I use scrubs about once a week in the shower and use a body lotion or balm after I shower almost everyday, unless I’m super lazy which is bad, but it happens.

Let me know what current scrubs you all are using and until next time..

Byeeee! xx.

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