A must for longer, thicker lashes!

I think I have found the newest love in my makeup life and I am here to share it with all of you!

Most of the time there is always a reason to why people always come back to buy a specific product. Whether it be the hype about it, you saw it in an advertisement, maybe a friend recommended it to yourself, or you read it on a blog (most likely from thecarolinediaries) good chances are what you’re about to buy is amazing and will most likely change your life!

Permanent long and thick lashes have always been a dream of mine, I’m pretty lucky with the very few lashes that I do have, but this product makes me love them even more!

I am talking about Diorshow Maximer base mascara lash primer by Christian Dior. This baby cuts down the time it takes me to apply mascara in the morning. I usually give my lashes a good 2 – 3 coatings of product to ensure I get that volume and those big lashes that’ll help my eyes stand out and you better believe that I zig zag the heck out of my lashes in the morning. I really focus on getting that length in there as well, because mascara does wondrous things to the eyes.

Diorshow Maximizer Base Mascara Lash Primer NOTE: This is a 2mL sample

Diorshow Maximizer Base Mascara Lash Primer NOTE: This is a 2mL sample

I love how this base primer adds thickness to my lashes. It goes on white so you can clearly see where you’ve put the product on and where you haven’t. I give a good coating on to my top and bottom lashes. The wand on this primer really grips onto each and every lash, it helps to separate your lashes and gets them ready for your mascara. The one thing I will say is my lashes without any mascara on is about 0.6cm in length and yes, I measured them, so the brush can get a bit overwhelming around the eye area because it’s a lot larger, so trying to really get to the roots of my lashes can be difficult sometimes, but with a little help from zig zagging your lashes, you’ll definitely be able to get in there.

The wand

The wand

 I finish up with my mascara and I am currently using Lancome Hypnose Star in Black, this mascara really focuses on lengthening my lashes. Usually it would take me at least 2 – 3 coatings to achieve my desired look, but after using this primer, I apply one coat of my Lancome mascara which saves me so much product in the long run and I get the results that I want faster.

Please let me know if you’ve tried this mascara base, I’m amazed at how great it is and until next time..

Byeee! xx.

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