Dear Diary: Fake tan and I part 2..

.. we finally found each other!

About 7 months ago, I told my crazy story about how fake tan and I just didn’t get along. If you haven’t read it yet, you must! so click here to read how bizarre this FACTUAL story was! Fast forward to the present, it is heading into Winter here and I decided to give it another go. With the advice from a really good friend of mine, Jemma, the self tanning queen, I think I have found the one!

This is pretty much how it went down..

self tanning..

Also, auto correct is the death of me, that or I just don’t even know what happened with those words, but in case you missed it, ejite = white and eearing = wearing.

Literally the next day, I probably stood at the Loving Tan section of the store and was just staring at it. I ended up getting the Picture Perfect instant body makeup in medium. Of course there was more to that conversation and I was advised to get the one that developed the longer you had it on, however, I totally missed that and bought the instant body makeup one, sorry Jem!

Loving Tan Picture Perfect Instant Body makeup in medium 50mL $29.95AUD

Loving Tan Picture Perfect Instant Body makeup in medium 50mL $29.95AUD

However, I am loving this self tanner, it’s not streaky, the smell of fake tan is barely existent, it really does have a natural colour, although at first when I applied it, to me it looked a little orange, but when I woke up the next morning, it was this beautiful tanned colour, that no joke looked like it was from our friend Mr. Sunshine. Drying time on this was about 60 seconds, like the bottle said and I really love that it truly did mimic the radiance of my skin. This particular one is in lotion form and great for any new beginners in tanning. I absolutely love this one, because I am not a self tanner at all, so if I can do it, you will definitely be able to do it too!

Removal of this was super easy, literally a body scrub and warm water, I also found this transfer free once set, so white outfits, should be good, just allow that drying time. I gave myself an extra 4 minutes because I’m paranoid like that. I also found this lotion quite rich and fairly pigmented, the contrast between my white skin and then plopping this self tanner on really scared me at first, but it blended in really well and I am a big big fan. See for yourself..

LEFT: my bare skin RIGHT: one application of tanner

LEFT of photo: my bare skin RIGHT of photo: one application of tanner

Let me know if you guys recommend any other self tanners, this is not going to be a constant thing, although I am a little obsessed at the moment, so we’ll see and until next time..

Byeeee!! xx.

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