Current Obsession: Statement hand & head chains

I am seriously all about a head chain at the moment, so when I walked into Lovisa, I think I almost died a little. I have always been a gold jewellery kind of girl and definitely a lover of any hair accessory, be it hats to headbands to pins and even fascinators.

I love how jewellery can really turn your average looking outfit to something extra special and insert my new head chain and hand chain!

Lovisa head chain and hand chain

Lovisa head chain and hand chain

 It’s a little bit on the glamorous side, fantastic for festivals, even though I don’t really go to those, but you will definitely see me wearing this all day everyday!

The hand chain I thought was a little bit different as well, I recently got henna done on my hand and I thought it was the prettiest thing ever, so to compensate I bought this hand chain I thought would look really nice as well.

What do you guys think of this current obsession of mine? Let me know and until next time..

Byeeee! xx.

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Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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