Dear Diary: Sydney Royal Easter Show 2015

I was super excited for the easter show again this year, I really went all out crazy this time and made sure I did and experienced everything!

Of course whenever I go to the easter show, the first thing I do is get lost, which was exactly what happened last year and seriously there is just so much walking when you’re trying to find the showbag pavillion! After I get my showbags, I tend to relax a little more and have more fun, the showbags I got this year were the best yet, I just got so many!

– Style Press Co. $25AUD

I went crazy over this bag, the fact that it came with my favourite type of scarf, a cute little cross body bag, sunglasses, a cute cap, a lady jane hair accessory and a few more things, I just hugged it so much when I got it.

Style Press Co.

Style Press Co.

– Spirit State $25AUD

 I love this showbag because it came with a good sized gym bag, pedometer, resistance band, headband, drawstring bag and the choice of a protein shake bottle or water bottle.

Spirit State

Spirit State

– Model Co. cosmetics $25AUD

Of course I needed a makeup showbag. This one included a toiletry bag, a massive beach bag, eyeshadow palette, 2 lipglosses, 1 powerlash mascara, kohl pencil and a bronzer, totally just in time as well, seeing as my old one just finished up.

Model Co Cosmetics

Model Co Cosmetics

– Cleo Magazine $22AUD

The beach bag that this showbag had is absolutely ridiculous, I love the rope type handle and the clutch that came with it is just adorable. That and I’m a huge sucker for magazines which I got 4 of.



– White Glo $25AUD

This one was definitely not there last year. What really sold me was the teeth whitening system, I am seriously all about that life at the moment. Such a great showbag with tonnes of toothepaste, toothbrushes, mints, breath spray and the most gigantic travel bag I’ve ever seen.

White Glo

White Glo

– Sukin Pamper Pack $25AUD

In my opinion, probably the best value for money is in this showbag. I love Sukin products and you really get the best out of your money in this showbag. It contains a loofah, face scrub, body wash and lotion, body scrub and a tote bag with a toiletry bag.

Sukin Pamper Pack

Sukin Pamper Pack

Seriously guys, I have bags for days, I don’t even know when I’m going to use each and every one of them.

I pretty much did everything except watch the fireworks, I even went on the ferris wheel this time and walked through the hollywood horror, which I totally did not get scared by the way. I’m pretty sure the scariest horror house I’ve ever been to is the one in Universal Studios in LA, I almost cried in that one.

I loved the animals there, I watched baby chickens hatch, patted little piggies, ate chips on a stick, went through the dinosaur world which had amazing animatronics, I got an airbrush tattoo just for the heck of it, got henna done on my hand, which I am now obsessed with and want it all the time, watched wood chopping which I missed out on last year, watched the dog show, the woolworths dome is always amazing, bought a few things in there as well and overall I just had the best time.

Make sure you guys go if you haven’t already, there’s only 4 days left and let me know what you loved best if you’ve been and until next time..

Byeee! From me and all my showbags!! xx.

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