A few ways to use micellar water

When I first walked down the makeup and beauty aisle, I’m pretty sure only one brand had a Micellar Water. The next thing I knew all these other companies starting pumping out their own micellar water and I now have no idea which one I want to use next.

If you don’t already know micellar water is a cleansing water which helps to remove any makeup, dirt or grime off your skin, but also helps to soothe your skin as well. I’m not the biggest fan of makeup wipes, so when I purchased my first micellar water, it’s pretty much all I use. When it comes to removing my makeup after a really long day and all I want to do is get into the shower, using a micellar water really gets the makeup off quickly without rubbing or stretching my skin like makeup wipes do.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400mL

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 400mL

I always use a cotton pad to remove my makeup and once that micellar water is on, it’s as if all the makeup on my face is being drawn onto that cotton pad and the best part is it doesn’t leave any residue on my skin and leaves my skin feeling so soft.

So we all know now that it’s a great way to remove makeup, but here are a few other ways I like to use my micellar water.

Prepping my skin: Before I apply my makeup, I give my face a sweep over with some micellar water on a cotton pad. I find that this preps my skin, gets rid of any excess oil, but also after I’ve applied my foundation, it gives my skin a beautiful glow and I’m all about that life right now.

Prepping my eyelids: I love a good smokey eye and well, any type of eye makeup, so ensuring that it lasts day to night, I need my eyelids to be prepped and oil free. Your eyelids are surprisingly oily, don’t believe me? Grab your finger and swipe across. Gross right? So I like to swipe my eyelids over with a bit of micellar water on a cotton pad and I’m ready to go. This is also a better option then using toner, some toners can be harsh and can you  imagine the poor skin on our eyelids, they would not be happy.

 So that’s all I’ve got for today’s post, let me know if you guys have a specific way to use your micellar water and until next time..

Byeeee! OH, also which micellar water should I use next? xx.

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