Dear Diary: I messed up my hair!

Well.. it’s not that dramatic, not like I burnt it to a crisp or anything, but close… ish.

Ever since I chopped off many centimeters from my hair, the only way I thought it looked nice was when I styled it or created pretty waves with my awesome VS sassoon hair curler. The one thing I really hate doing is putting heat protectant in my hair. My current heat protectant is an oil which I thought would help with nourishment and controlling any frizzy parts after I styled it.  Although it does, I hate putting it on every time I curl my hair, as it adds no volume to my hair whatsoever and I’m just lazy sometimes. Before I started curling my hair, I was all like, my hair doesn’t need this, it’s strong, it can withstand anything, until it didn’t.

A friend of mine asked if I changed the colour of my hair and I told her I did no such thing, but she was still confused as to why it was looking a light brown compared to my really dark brown hair that I have, and to that I answered, probably because my hair is being burnt by the curler I use everyday, because who has time for heat protectant.

As a result, my hair is feeling pretty dry and doesn’t give off that radiant shine like it used to. Not the oily shine, the pretty I just freshly washed this and it looks amazing shine! I picked up Dove Dry oil for hair, and by picked up I bought it in a magazine and it came free with it. Woohoo! That and I do believe it was a sign that I needed to help my hair out.

Dove Dry Oil for Hair with African Macadamia Oil

Dove Dry Oil for Hair with African Macadamia Oil

When an oil says non greasy, I always hope and pray that it is! I’m actually not the biggest fan of oils, I mean with the slipping and sliding and the weird texture, I wash my hands so many times, but I’m willing to do this for my hair! I have currently been using this product for a week now and it has definitely made my hair a lot softer. I also really love that after I apply it, I don’t have to wash my hands as my hair absorbs all the oil and no greasy feeling people!

Let me know what other oils you use for you hair or if any at all. I know argan oils were a massive trend a while back, so let me know and tell me your results and until next time..

Byeee!! From my extremely long post today, when it comes to my hair, I just rant. xx.

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