How I apply my foundation

To be honest, the way I apply my foundation depends on my mood.

Sometimes when I’m super lazy and I want to get all in there with my makeup, I use my hands to slap everything on which can be really great because my hands warm up the products, but other times I like to use this new fantastic sponge that I stumbled across in Priceline by Real techniques called the Miracle Complexion sponge.

Everybody’s raved about the beauty blender and seeing as I don’t own a beauty blender, this to me was the next best thing.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge

I am already obsessed and in love with this makeup sponge that I’ve probably recommended all my friends buy it. When I was studying makeup, the sponges I used to apply foundation on seemed to absorb way too much of the product and that annoyed me a lot. With this sponge I found that I used a lot less product compared to other sponges and the foundation went on super easy and gave me an amazing flawless base. I love that you can also use it damp for that dewy look, which I do quite a lot, seeing as the colder weather is setting in and my skin will be needing that glow.

The shape of the sponge makes it super easy to hold, the flat surface at the top works around the eyes and nose, the sides are great for blending and the tip at the bottom is great for those little imperfections. I personally only use the flat surface at the top because it just gets everything done.

I purchased this for $17 AUD at Priceline and I love it. It recommends to wash it every 1 – 3 uses, so even if it’s looking a little gross you can wash it up and use it straight after seeing as you can use it damp. Let me know if you guys have tried this or the beauty blender. Which one’s better or if you just love this on it’s own, let me know and until next time..

Byeeeee!! xx.

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