Dear Diary: That ugly hair stage and I’m so sick!

I’m pretty sure my hair is super human! It grows so fast that I don’t even know what to do with it sometimes. If you remember my last I over did it post about my hair and how short it was ‘accidentally’ cut, it has grown a lot in a month.

I don’t know if it’s just me but every time my hair grows, it goes through an ugly stage.

What is this ugly stage you ask, well it’s definitely not that sexy bed hair that looks effortless and you pretty much woke up like that kind of hair, but it’s when your hair starts flicking out in the weirdest directions and no matter how you style it, it just doesn’t look right and that’s why you wear a hat to cover everything up and sometimes even then, hats don’t work, so you try and accessorise with headbands and hair accessories until you’ve gone through every hair accessory you own to find out that nothing looks good and you just need to admit it and breathe and realise that it’s just at that stage of ugliness!

That’s what the ugly hair stage is and currently my dilemma, but another dilemma is the fact that I am still sick. I’ve had this ridiculous cough for almost a month now, although it’s a lot better than what it was a few weeks ago, my body decided that hey you’re not sick enough, so insert a head cold, where I sound super sick, my sinuses are so blocked that I can’t taste anything or let alone smell anything for about a week now, it’s getting to the point where I will cry if I don’t get better.

The amount of tea and medicine and sleep and all the vicks products I don’t even know what to do anymore, that and I’m pretty sure the air conditioning at work isn’t helping seeing as that’s how I got this head cold in the first place, I cry.

Hopefully I get better soon and if you know any remedies, don’t hold out on me and fill me in and until next time..

Byeee! From my ugly hair stage and sickness. xx.

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