An obsession with lipsticks

I have a problem … a lipstick problem.

I recently had to change the storage method I had for my lipsticks into a bigger container, which only means that I have way too many lipsticks and there’s still more room for more lipsticks, sooooo yeah. I had no idea that I even had that many until a friend of mine sat me down and said… “Caroline, how many lipsticks do you have already, you bought more?’ and to that I replied, “Yeah, but I don’t have these colours and this is a super long lasting lipstick that I need to try out.” That and well, the colours were really pretty and I’m just obsessed with a statement lip.

I have found the breakthrough in lipsticks from Rimmel London called Provocalips 16HR kiss proof lip colour, and when it says kiss proof, it most certainly is! Now I don’t think I’ve ever worn lipstick for 16 hours but 11 hours is close enough. Once applied the colour has amazing pigment and is true to what is shown on the packaging. A two step system where step 1 is to apply the lip colour and step 2 is to pop on the sealer or clear gloss on top to hold it altogether.

Rimmel London Provocalips TOP: 500 Kiss me you fool MIDDLE: 310 Little Mix BOTTOM: 730 Make your move

Rimmel London Provocalips
TOP: 500 Kiss me you fool
MIDDLE: 310 Little Mix
BOTTOM: 730 Make your move

When I first applied the lipstick it is a bit sticky but all goes a way once set and dry. The best part of this is that it doesn’t come off, I have a coffee and eat oily foods (not everyday) and it’s just locked into place. For myself I didn’t even find it drying and it was so incredibly comfortable to wear. I bought it for $12.95 AUD on sale of course, that’s why I bought three, but it usually retails for $17.95.

If anyone else has tried this and loves it like me, let me know and until next time..

Byeee! With love from myself and all my glorious lipsticks. xx

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8 thoughts on “An obsession with lipsticks

  1. OMG YES I LOVEEE this lippies! SERIOUSLY … like LOVE I have every color!! My boyfriend loves them too because he hates when I make him have beautiful lips with the lipstick I have on! Obsessed too;p


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