My little benefit city

Sometimes when you go shopping, you either shop because

1. you’re bored

2. you need to get things

3. you’re looking for a gift or

4. you just want to buy something for yourself  and even though it may be intended to give as a gift, it ends up being used by you….

 This is a little post called .. presents to myself, a.k.a I didn’t really want to give it to anybody because I wanted to use it for myself and it was a great deal!

So we all know now, I am obsessed with makeup that when it comes to throwing old makeup I haven’t used in a while, I will have to literally ask myself, will I use this tomorrow or within a week, maybe a month, or even perhaps when the season changes, will I use it.

I went on a major throwing spree today, if I hadn’t used a product within at least 3 months, it had to go because I’ve had some serums that have been sitting there for years that I used to use but stopped because my skin went through a mass breakout two years ago and I just didn’t want to use anything, regardless it’s time to replace a couple of things.

I picked up the cutest little Benefit box gift which came with a full sized They’re Real mascara (my fav), full sized Stay don’t stray eye primer in light/medium, 75mL of Porefessional and a small bottle of the Gimme brow which I was dying to try out.

I actually double up that eye primer as a concealer. It really helps to brighten under my eyes and cover those dark circles which came out of nowhere and the gimme brow really fills in my brows, I only wish the box set I bought had the dark brown instead of the light one. I’ve also started using the box to store my lipsticks seeing as my collection is growing.

Benefit pretty parfait

Benefit pretty parfait

I’ve also been obsessing over different fragrances, so I picked up four of these eau de toilettes, each a different smell and has the cutest packaging ever! I also intend to put in four different photos in the windows.  A cute little makeshift photo frame, because the box is just way too nice to throw away.

Crescent Row delecta-belles

Crescent Row delecta-belles

Not too sure if they’re in store anymore, but if you do have one, maybe some of my ideas have helped you and until time…

Byeeeee! xx.

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