Dear Diary: The bows are at it again!

Kicking off the new year with some new jewellery and we all know the best time to shop is after christmas where all the sales are happening and christmas gifts need to be sold out and well there I go looking for some (alot of) stuff to buy.

I had a really pretty gold bracelet that I used to wear every single day, I never even took it off when I had a shower and it was pretty much attached to me, until 4 years later it decided to break and it was one of a kind and I mourned over that bracelet because my aunty gave it to me. I’ve never been able to find anything like that bracelet so I just let it be and stopped wearing jewellery altogether.

I love simple pieces of jewellery nothing too chunky or out there and with my current obsession with bows, I’ve just been drawn to anything with a bow on it lately, so that’s why Kate Spade is just so amazing to me right now.

I’ve been eyeing these Kate Spade earrings for the longest of time and when it was further reduced, I was more than happy to buy them and put them on my ears. I also found this really cute bow bracelet with a little gem in the middle at David Jones which looks so dainty and perfect and one of my new favourites and on sale at$5.38 AUD.  I will now be wearing this for the rest of my life… I hope.

Obsessing with the bows again!!

Obsessing with the bows again!!

.. and until next time..

Byeeee! xx.

P.S Finally painted my nails on Instagram here.

P.P.S I have been successfully tweeting everyday from 2015 on Twitter here.


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