Quick and easy work gifts

It’s not always easy deciding what present to get the people you care about, but even harder when you work with them, I’m talking about 50 of them!

Ever since I’ve started working again, the creative side of me has gone completely missing. I remember when I had time to make cute little gifts and write the longest of letters and be the crazy little perfectionist I am when it comes to gift giving, but not recently. That and well, I, just got kind of lazy.

There’s also that thought of will they like my present, I should really get everybody the same thing, so there’s no favouritism and well, you know what I mean.

This happy holiday season I decided to make a tiny box of treats for everyone that I worked with and pretty much saying a big thankyou to everyone being so lovely to me and also a little gift to brighten everyone’s day up, but really, shhh, don’t tell the people I work with, but I’m just doing it for myself because that creativeness in me needs to get out! 😉

These little gifts were so easy and fun to make, you’ll need:

cellophane paper (cut 30cmx30cm), green and red ribbon (51cm ensuring enough to tie the green ribbon into a bow and 33cm for the red ribbon to curl and thread the mini cards through), miniature cards (christmas or not), mini baubles (which I grabbed from Typo), tissue paper (I used pink to line the inside of the baking cups, cut into 12cmx12cm) and paper baking cups (any dollar store).

Materials I used

Materials I used

I decided to fill in each paper baking cup with a few hersheys kisses, a candy cane and a mini bauble as a nice decoration. I also lined the baking cup with pink tissue paper.

Filling the baking cups with hersheys kisses, a candy cane and a mini bauble

Filling the baking cups with hersheys kisses, a candy cane and a mini bauble

The end result: the cutest little gift ever!

My little gifts

My little gifts



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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