Dear Diary: Whoops!

So you definitely know that you haven’t been on your blog for a while when things have changed. I’m talking the layout, my little gravatar which is now in a circle instead of a square, my dashboard now says ‘classic’ dashboard and even the font that I’m typing in right now. I always tell myself I’ll get on it tomorrow, which then turn into a week, which then turns to a month and well, hey, at least I haven’t been gone a year. I’m good like that.

I am jumping on here to express my slight dilemma which is the fact that it is now summer. I honestly cannot deal with this humidity, I have no idea what I’m going to do. The amount of face mists I have in my bag along with an umbrella to shield me from this harsh sun and that crazy storm we had yesterday, which I got completely drenched in by the way, thanks wind for blowing my umbrella up! this summer is going to be crazy!

If anybody has any tips to keep cool this summer, let me know and I will also be back with another blog sooner rather than later, let’s hope, and until then..

Byeee! xx.

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