Dear Diary: My H&M experience..

.. and another new store that I’ve heard nothing about.. EVER!


Why I decided to go shopping on a weekend is beyond me. I have it my head that it won’t be that bad or crowded or chaotic but I was so, so wrong.

Last Sunday I headed over to the new H&M store in Sydney at Macquarie Park. Being a H&M frequenter when I was in L.A a few years back, I and probably three quarters of sydney siders were excited about this store opening! When I got there, there were two levels of the longest line just to get in. Now, it wasn’t that bad, we probably waited about 15 minutes to get in and they did let quite a lot of people in which was good but also pretty intense after a while.

I couldn’t even be bothered with the fitting room lines and I probably walked around the store 5 times just to see what there was and if I missed anything. It got pretty crowded after a while, the lines for the fitting rooms were crazy and even the line to pay for the things that you wanted. At one point this stranger and I looked at each other and were like this is too much and we both talked about how we hated shopping in crowds and how we would never go to a boxing day sale.

Although I am in love with the two pair of pants I bought and a cute little cardigan, there were just way too many people inside the store, but still worth checking out. Prices were also reasonable which was good. Not going to lie though, it was a little disappointing but I know that their Winter stuff is so much better. However, it’s a great shop for basics and I will go back, just maybe when the hype dies down.

Let me know if you’ve been yet and how you liked it, I actually started talking to a lady at work who just came back from H&M ( I could tell by her shopping bag) and asked her how she liked it and even she agreed that it was hectic and that their winter stuff is better.

Also, I popped into another store called UNIQLO which was pretty cool. I grabbed some awesome work pants for a great price and would have loved to stay for longer but I was over shopping for that day and I am also done with this long blog post and until next time..

Byeee! xx.

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