A woman’s hair is everything!

If you’re reading this and you’re currently thinking about getting your hair cut or doing something different to it, I say do it!

3 years ago, I decided that I needed a change in style and in length because I was really over my super long and thick straight black hair.

I cut my hair to a bob as seen on women such as Victoria Beckam and someone else that I clearly like a lot because I totally remember their name, and I loved it so much that I stuck with short -ish hair for 3 years until this year where I grew it out  and bought a curling iron in celebration of my long hair and was excited for the awesome curls and waves I was going to create, only to get it cut the week after I bought my curling iron… fail!

Hair is a BIG deal to a lot of ladies, when I decided to get my hair cut short, it did take a while for me to build up the courage to get it cut shorter. Due to the horrific memory when I was younger, my hair was so short that a group of boys in my school told the teacher that I was a boy that walked into the girls bathroom, clearly horrified, it still remains a moment I will never forget, but also a funny story to tell people now and also thanks mum for the fabulous hair do back then!

Now whenever I decide to get my hair cut shorter or take a whole heap of length off from it, it’s no big deal BUT it can be for some people, because I’ve been there and clearly I’ve had a pretty interesting childhood with my short hair, but my recent hair cut has left a lot of people complimenting it and wanting to take that leap of faith in trying something new with their hair which I’m really happy I could help them do because after having long hair for a while, it’s really refreshing to have something different.

Although I have to say, my curling iron hasn’t gone to complete waste, I like to create those natural waves throughout my hair and by natural I mean, it literally will drop in 20 minutes, thank you no volume hair! Anyways if you’re contemplating about getting the chop or styling it differently, do it and until next time..

Byeeee! xx.

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