Dear Diary: Deciding on what smartphone to get is really hard!

Since when has it been so difficult to decide what new phone I should get. I am currently running around with my hand me down HTC that is over 3 years old now and I’m feeling the pain! By pain, I mean, the lag, the constant freezing, the really bad reception, the cracked screen, the why does it take so long to charge, the broken sound button that is currently being held together by sticky tape…… can you tell I am in desperate need of a new phone?

I kid you not, I have been annoying everybody that I know for a few months now, constantly asking, what phone should I get, what phone do you have, is it any good, will I like it, what’s the battery life like and the list goes on. A new phone for me is pretty much a long term commitment, once I get this new phone, I’m not planning to get another one unless it seriously breaks down on me, I don’t even care if it’s the new “in” thing to have, I will have the next phone for a couple of years or five.

I seriously cannot decide if I should make the switch to becoming an apple user or stick with a samsung or htc that uses android, I am so lost and kind of terrified that I am going to make the wrong decision! Sometimes I think, I should just go back to my Nokia qwerty keyboard, but then.. it doesn’t have Instagram and well, I’m slightly addicted to that.

This will be an interesting decision and I shall inform when I get a new one, whatever it is and until next time..

Byeeeeee! xx.

P.S I got some awesome LUSH goodies on Instagram right here!

P.P.S It’s getting hot, so expect a lot of complaints about the heat on Twitter, here.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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