Dear Diary: I have a problem.

Ever since I put two new cupboards in my room, it has been non stop how can I display my things to look nice in my room or what can I put here or put over there in that empty space, which has led to my problem of needing to display things in my room.

The other day I bought two massive cups and saucers from T2 because I thought it would be cute to have little sets I could use for when a friend comes over ( not that I don’t have tea sets already you might be thinking, but these cups are massive!), that and they were $10! Also, because I do not trust the storage space in my kitchen, in my room they stay and are displayed until I need to use them.

T2 teacup and saucer

T2 teacup and saucer

I’ve pretty much re arranged my working table/makeup table a bunch of times that I don’t even know why I do it to myself because it always makes me upset when it doesn’t look right.  Regardless my mum picked up this cute little accessory box from who knows where to be honest, but in terms of the colour scheme and girlyness that is my room, I thought it would be a perfect fit, alongside with my super favourite Fig & Guava candle by Glasshouse.

a new accessory box

a new accessory box

On another note I have been super busy these past two weeks and preparing for another two super busy weeks, I miss by baths with my Lush bath bombs but I hope all is well in the blogosphere and until next time..

Byeeeee! xx.

P.S There has just been A LOT of food posts on my instagram lately, check it out here. 

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Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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