Dear Diary: Fake tan and I..

..pretty much just do not get along very well.

For every magazine that I have ever read and flipped through the pages of, there’s always a little something something about fake tanning or girls with great tans and how to prep the skin for fake tan, what fake tanning is and well, you get the point.

I remember the very first time I applied a fake tan on myself. It was the lotion kind where the more layers you applied the “darker” the tan became. I remember applying my very first layer and I thought to myself, oh hey! this actually doesn’t look too bad. For some reason it just didn’t look dark enough, so I applied another 2 layers and then said to myself, okay, I’m happy with how it looks and I’m done. Within 10 minutes I walked outside of the house and realised how ORANGE I was. I didn’t realise that it was that dark in my room, so I obviously ran back inside my house and scrubbed the crazy out of my legs. I couldn’t believe how orange it was and ever since then I just haven’t applied fake tan until…

last year when I had to do a quick course at college where one of the girls applied fake tan on me and my skin completely rejected it. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m meant to stay this off white colour that I am, for the rest of my life, but no matter how much they tried to buff the tan into my skin, it just wasn’t having it and we ended up completely taking it all off because it was so blotchy and having my lecturer say that in all her years of teaching, that has never happened to anyone, I think it’s safe to say that fake tan and I are just not meant to be.

Anyways guys, I thought this would be a funny post for everyone and also appropriate seeing as Spring is here and mildly hot temperatures with a bit more sunshine and the whole tanning situation that is going to happen from hibernated winter skins.

I hope you enjoyed and until next time..

Byee! xx.

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