Dear Diary: My evolution with magazines

The excitement I get when I pick up a magazine at my local corner store or newsagency excites me, because even though they give me a little hint of what’s going to be in the month’s issue, I always seem to be surprised by an article or a story or even some makeup and beauty tips that I’ve never heard of before.

Dating back circa early naughties, I was obsessed with magazines (still kind of am) being a young teen back then, I loved magazines like Total Girl, where no Boys were allowed and even K-zone just for one column which was about the latest movies that were about to come out. As I grew older, I moved onto magazines like Dolly and Girlfriend, which I admit, even though I am in my early twenties I may just MAY tend to pick up that issue if I really like what I see on the cover. Nowadays it’s all about Cosmo and Cleo, which I still cannot decide which one I like better, I always tend to buy them BOTH!

TOP to BOTTOM: Girlfriend, SHOP till you drop, CLEO, COSMO

TOP to BOTTOM: Girlfriend, SHOP till you drop, CLEO, COSMO

I have a massive stack of magazines in my room that I just cannot get rid of, I mean some people say hoarder, but I say COLLECTOR. Everytime, with no fail, I tell myself, it’s time to let go and move on from the old magazines that you’ve had sitting there for over 4 years now, Caroline,  I just cannot do it. Even though it breaks me just a little bit on the inside to cut up a page or tear something from it, I always think that my old magazines will come in handy for scrap booking or just reading what was happening back then.

I also think it’s because I’ve always loved every single part and development of how a magazine was made. The thought process, the planning, I mean come on, I am THE organisation freak and one of my dreams was always to be fortunate enough to write for a magazine one day and for me the closest thing to that was and is my blog and here I am working out what I want to do through this blog.

I always see magazines as a learning tool, like textbooks and self help books, especially because I’ve started a new job now which requires me to basically have a whole lot of knowledge about the beauty industry, I like to keep myself up to date with the new crazes and the benefits of products and basically just to know my stuff and magazines  are a part of my learning process.

Anyways, I will speak to you guys soon and until next time..

Byeee! xx.

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