Dear Diary: Sometimes we just need to talk it out

I’ve always felt that I’ve been a great listener, no matter how serious or not so serious the situation is, as a friend, I always vow to myself that I will always be there for them in their time of need, even if I think what they’re dealing with is not as big of a deal as they make it out to be.

I for one, hate seeing my friends or the people I love upset and that’s when my trusty ear and ‘words of wisdom’ come in handy.

My cousin the other day was dealing with a little bit of a boyfriend girlfriend situation and him being 16, it’s always love when you’re 16. Now I could be wrong and they could end up being high school sweethearts, but from the stories he has told me and just how much she doesn’t seem to care, for me, I know he’ll get over it, but in the mean time I think he just needed somebody to be there for him, to listen and get his head around what to do.

Sometimes it can be hard to listen to certain situations that you know are just not going to last, but they don’t know that and that’s why I always try to be there and relate to them because at the end of the day they just want somebody to understand their feelings and talk it all out.


Anyways, I will talk to you guys next time..

Byeee! xx.

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