Dear Diary: A good breakfast calls for a good morning!

My mentality is, if I start the day off right, it will be a good day! Those 2 weeks I was M.I.A from the blog, I was dealing with nerves and stress and my personal diary felt the wrath of me those 2 weeks. I’m feeling so much better mentally, but now it’s back to getting better physically. This means, eating right, getting back to exercising and just bring myself back to the Caroline I was in 2012.

Oatmeal for breakfast, 3 days a week.

Oatmeal for breakfast, 3 days a week.

So much has happened in 2 years and I miss the time and the motivation I had in that year. I ran for 2 hours everyday and I actually REALLY enjoyed eating oatmeal. Nowadays I have to force that oatmeal down my throat, I don’t know what happened, I suppose my taste palate just changed or I’m just over it. In saying that, I tell myself, if I start the day off right I’m more likely going to want to keep it up. So, that’s what I do and I oatmeal it out into my stomach. Other days I really surprise myself and find that I actually enjoy oatmeal, but I definitely cannot eat oatmeal 7 days a weeks in the mornings anymore, maybe 4 or 3 days, yeahhh, 3.

For more fibre and just a more filling start to the day, I add one spoonful of muesli. I’m currently adding some wholegrain toasted muesli by Morlife. This is just full of goodness that I am more than happy to fill my body with and it is super filling as well. On occassion or with season, I chop up a banana or add some mixed berries to the mix.

Morlife goji' antiox wholegrain toasted muesli

Morlife goji’ antiox wholegrain toasted muesli

Here’s hoping that I can keep it up and just get find that motivation, somewhere, anywhere and until next time..



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2 thoughts on “Dear Diary: A good breakfast calls for a good morning!

  1. I tell myself the same thing. If I start my morning off right then the whole day will be better. I find that that really works for me as well. As for working out and eating breakfast on a daily basis, well that I’m still working on haha


    • hahaha, hey you know what! At least we try and that’s all that matters! We’ll both get there one day, I have faith in us! That or we should just get everything done in the morning, that way we’ll never disappoint!


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