The tea diaries: In with the tea, out with the coffee

I am 100%, whenever I can be, a total coffee girl, but due to the crazy amount of buzz coffee gives me, I have been skipping out on it these past two weeks. If you read my blog post about when nerves take over, my emotions and all the feels I have inside have gone completely AWOL! To that I have been drinking copious amounts of tea to try and help calm myself down and detox and antioxidants and it’s just YUM!

The current teas in my body

The current teas in my body

I have been loving Twinings Irish Breakfast with a little teensy weensy, very little bit of sugar and some milk in the morning. This has just replaced where I normally have my awesome homemade coffee. Definitely can never go wrong with black tea, but I am seriously loving this one to start my mornings!


Whenever I feel the nerves coming on whether it be throughout the day or just whenever my heart starts to beat a million miles a minute, I put Tetley Peppermint with shavings of lemongrass into a massive cup and drink all of that down! This has replaced my chamomile tea for the time being, because it just has a number of different ingredients that just really benefit me. It includes:

Cherry stems
Lemon and Orange Peel
Strawberry leaves and
Ginger root

It’s naturally caffeine free and I just find it so uplifting and calming. I just sit back , take some deep breaths and sip on this tea.


At night, after dinner, or during dinner (if I remember to pour myself a cup), I have just been downing Tetley DECAF Green and POMEGRANATE tea so much, that I have to wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, TMI, yes it is! sorry! BUT number 1! I love that little fruity taste this tea has because of the pomegranate, it’s not too strong but then again, it’s also not for everyone, a.k.a my siblings because their taste palettes are just not the same as mine. I definitely recommend giving this a go if you’re bored of the everyday green tea.

Well, I’m going to stop talking about tea now and until next time..



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