Benefit They’re Real Push-up Liner is HERE!

Avid social media followers of Benefit Australia will know that the They’re Real Push up liner is now in storeeee! Hip Hip Hooray! I, for one was the eager little bunny that I couldn’t wait for the official release date, so when they decided to have a ONE DAY SALE 2 weeks before, you bet your benefit heart out that I got one. Well, technically because my best friend was working in the city, she grabbed it for me and delivered it to me!

Oh, best friends, what would I do without them.


Here I thought I couldn’t love a liner anymore than I do, but when I tried this baby out, I was super impressed and excited and just wanted to use it everyday, even if I wasn’t going anywhere.

Benefit they're Real push up liner

Benefit they’re Real push up liner

The concept of this liner makes drawing that winged liner or any other liner looks, super easy! The tip of the pen, surprised me. It’s this custom AccuFLEX tip that allows for a lash hugging application.It ‘s a soft, custom angled tip, it has a flat, wide guard in the middle which helps to push lashes out of the way, which I’ve found very handy and also the wide base provides a more stable application.

AccuFLEX custom, soft, angled tip

AccuFLEX custom, soft, angled tip

I love the idea behind this liner because the closer your liner is to your eyelashes, the bigger and more fuller they will appear. It has a twist base, so two clicks is enough to line both eyes. I also find it long lasting, like any other good gel liner, it is matte black in colour, has a very consistent application and to me, it’s the perfect gel liner when I am in a rush and don’t have time to scoop product out of my other gel liner pots and apply it on.

more info on the tip of the liner

more info on the tip of the liner

I  LOVE how the product is dispersed from the tip of the pen, it really allows me to draw very fine lines to thick, bold lines across my eyes.

On removing the product, I found it very easy, with products that are smudgeproof and long lasting, removers such as cleansing waters aren’t going to cut it. You need something that contains a little bit of oil or grease to help shift the product off. I like using my Face of Australia gentle makeup remover, or the alternative, grab the they’re Real remover, which works a treat as well.

Enough product to line both eyes

Enough product to line both eyes

Allows for an even application

Allows for an even application

On top of that, I was also given a free sample of the they’re REAL remover and my ever favourite they’re Real mascara, not like I don’t have enough already, but I’m not complaining and overall, it is a huge winner for me and I am so glad I purchased it.

If you have any other questions about this product, ask away, I hope I can help and until next time..



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Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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