EOS lip balm = LOVE

Okay, woah! That was 2 weeks that I didn’t see coming. I don’t even know where I’ve been, just pretty much all over the place, but I’m feeling a lot better, the sun is shining and I really missed my blog and all of you!


I don’t know what is up with the crazy wind we have been having here in Sydney, it scares the heck out of people when they see me and my hair has just given in to the flow of the wind, a.k.a bird’s nest up in here! Of course, with wind comes windburn and drier skin and it just makes me feel like a hot mess, or windy mess, whatever!

EOS lip balm in honeysuckle honeydew

EOS lip balm in honeysuckle honeydew

Just yesterday I picked up my first ever EOS lip balm. Despite the million other lip balms, like the one in my everyday bag, that one I use at night, the other one I use when I want some added colour to my lips and that huge tub of Ultrabalm I bought to give away but ended up using it instead, I told myself that I would use them all up before I purchased another one, but I just couldn’t pass this one up, it was calling me, saying, BUY ME Caroline and of course, I bought it.

I picked up the honeysuckle honeydew one, mainly because the colour of it was super cute and also, the smell of ripe honeydew is amazing!

I got mine for $8.90 AUD, to be honest I wasn’t too sure how much these sell normally, I just thought, why not give it a try.

I'm telling you, to an unfamilair person, it looks like a coloured egg!

I’m telling you, to an unfamilair person, it looks like a coloured egg!

I’ve definitely noticed that this lip balm stays on the lips a lot longer. It coats my lips with shea butter, vitamin E and  jojoba oil, all that nourishing good stuff and it’s also fun to apply. To an unfamiliar user, can you imagine what they must be thinking, like, why on earth is that girl applying a coloured egg on her lip. That’s what I thought when I first saw it.

Let me know which other EOS lip balm flavour? I think, that you like best and until next time, hopefully sooner rather than later..



P.S. To be honest I can’t remember what my last Instagram was, but check it out here. I will be more frequent, now that I’m feeling less sick and not as lazy?

P.P.S Same goes for my last tweet on Twitter, but still check me out here.


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