Dear Diary: Simple pieces of jewellery

Lovisa purchases

Lovisa purchases

I have been loving really simple necklaces this season. Even though it has just hit Winter here in Australia, it hasn’t been cold enough for me to bring out my scarves.

The alternative to a little bit of neck accessory… jewellery!

I popped into Lovisa the other day, one, because there was a SALE going on and two, it’s an affordable jewellery store. I’m absolutely loving the two necklaces that I’ve bought, they’re very simple, super light that I forget I even have anything there and it’s pieces of jewellery that really suit my style. I love pretty much anything gold, it just complements my skin tone really well.

I also ended up grabbing this polishing cloth, which just makes my jewellery super shiny and makes me want to take care of my accessories better.

Lovisa polishing cloth

Lovisa polishing cloth

Here are the details of my purchases..

Left of picture: GE SG SG Ditsy Solid – Lovisa $8AUD
Right of picture: NVMR SG FINE Feather NL – Lovisa $3AUD on SALE
Lovisa Polishing Cloth – Lovisa $4.99 AUD

Will blog again soon guys and until then.. 



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