Dear Diary: D.I.Y tea catch up

Good morning everybody! I am feeling a little bit sleepy today but I wanted to get a blog post up because if you cannot tell I have been posting up something every second day and I just didn’t want to ruin my streak.

I finally decided to visit my best friend who lives over an hour away, we normally meet halfway and catch up somewhere in the city and do shopping and all that girl stuff, but she invited me over to her place and I’m so happy I went, it was a fun time, but then again, it’s always a fun time when you’re with your bestie.

  • She was so excited that she baked 2 different desserts, one blueberry cheescake and the other was a brownie topped with cream cheese, so bad for us, but so good at the same time.  She also bought some amazing macarons and we had fresh earl grey tea, some nice sandwiches, sparkling water and the cutest little tea set up which just made it feel like home.

This photo is actually on my instagram already if you haven’t seen it, but here you guys go.

The tea set up

The tea set up

Also, say hi to her cute little kitty YANG, who is just the cutest little kitty ever! Never thought I would be a cat lover, but he just won my heart over.

Hi YANG! you little cutie!

Hi YANG! you little cutie!

Alright guys,  I will have another blog up in 2 days and until then..



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Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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