Dear Diary: Do you pick and choose which friend to go shopping with?

Shopping sprees make me super happy, however if you asked anybody who knows me, they’d probably say that I am not a big fan of shopping and this is true. I am the type of person to make a list of what I need to buy especially makeup related, I buy them and then I’m done. I really hate walking into a million billion different stores and waiting in lines and that is probably why you will never see me at a boxing day sale or any kind of crazy sale.

Some of my recent purchases

Some of my recent purchases

There are sometimes where I will feel like spending over 3 hours in a shopping centre, no list, just a friend, hopefully free parking and I’ll shop like a maniac.

  • This got me thinking about the type of friends you ask to go shopping with you, now this may be a girly related post but I’m sure guys bring other guys to shop with them. Who else is going to tell you that the outfit you’re trying on looks super cute on you?

I love having a friend with me when I shop because I can get their opinion on something, we can have lunch together and I won’t spend ages on trying to decide whether or not I should really be getting this vanilla scented candle.

However, there are some friends I do not go shopping with and I’m sure they wouldn’t want to go shopping with me as well.

  • For me personally, I choose a friend that has a similar taste where we like the same things, which makes it a lot easier because I don’t like bringing some of my friends who are just not interested in what I’m looking at and I feel bad, like I’m wasting their time and I don’t want them to be bored. However if they just wanted to grab some coffee, then they’d be the person I’d call.

Do you guys do the same thing as me? Seriously I feel so bad if I go into a makeup store and my other friend has no interest whatsoever, I try to get in and out of that shop as quick as I can.

Let me know and until next post..



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Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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